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15 amazing archaeological sites to visit in Iran

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About 15 amazing archaeological sites to visit in Iran

Iranian architecture helps the rich history of this country and together they evoke a utopia from the rich culture of the Persians. Ornamental tiles and clever engineering masterpieces show the power of Iranian architecture for centuries. With 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran, you will never face a shortage of places of interest. It has both unique mosques and desert cities, and in short, the breadth and diversity of Iranian historical architecture is amazing.

1- Nasir Al-Molk Mosque or Pink Mosque, Shiraz, one of the most important historical places in Iran

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is one of the most beautiful places in Shiraz. This monument is one of the architectural masterpieces similar to a jewelry box. This is a masterpiece of nineteenth century architecture. The stained glass used in the decoration of the building shines during the day against the glare of the sun, and with its astonishing shine, it leads to a light dance and a colorful image in the nave of the mosque. Apart from its opaque and beautiful windows, it owes its fame to its exceptional tiling. In fact, its nickname, Pink Mosque, is the inalienable right of this building.

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Pink Mosque

2- One of the most important historical places in Iran, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the architectural and tiling masterpieces of the 11th century and was built by order of Shah Abbas I for 18 years. The mosque is located in Naghsh Jahan Square, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mosque can be considered an excellent example of architecture and tiling of all times. “Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque” is located right in front of Aali Qapo Mansion.

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3- Bam Citadel, Kerman, one of the historical places of Iran | visit Iran

The city of Bam, an ancient and desert city located in the southern province of Iran, Kerman, is another UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iran. Bam Citadel is the largest brick building in the world and dates back to 2000 years ago and the time of the Parthian Empire. On December 26, 2003, a severe earthquake occurred in this area, after which the building was largely destroyed.

15 amazing archaeological sites to visit in iran

castle or citadel of Bam

4- Golestan Palace, Tehran, another historical place in Iran

Golestan Palace is one of the monuments of Tehran during the reign of the Qajar dynasty, which is better known than other royal palaces in Tehran due to the important events that took place in it. The whole building is filled with royal gardens and buildings and a collection of 18th and 19th century Iranian art. Unfortunately, many of the buildings in this building were destroyed by Reza Shah between 1925 and 1945, because he felt that the old architecture was hindering the modernization of the Iranians.

5- One of the most important historical places in Iran, Persepolis, Shiraz

Persepolis is the name of one of the ancient cities of Iran, which has been the capital of the Achaemenids for many years. Persepolis is a clear example of architecture of that period. Greek general Alexander the Great invaded Iran and set Persepolis on fire. But the ruins of this place are still standing in Marvdasht near Shiraz, the capital of Fars province. Persepolis is currently one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Iran.

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6- Bath of Sultan Amir Ahmad, Kashan, one of the historical places of Iran

In a corner of Kashan, there is a historical bath named after Sultan Amira Ahmad, which takes its name from the nearby Imamzadeh. This historic bath is a unique example of Iranian baths and is unique in terms of architecture and decorations. The traditional public bath, built in the 16th century, provides an insight into the daily life of the ancient Iranians; It is decorated with turquoise and gold tiles and its artistic painting has given it a unique effect.

7- Yazd Bazaar, historical place in Iran

Years of adaptation to its desert environment have turned the city of Yazd into a unique architecture of Persian culture. Its historical center, which also includes Yazd Bazaar, is made of clay and has a unique system of windbreaks and air conditioning systems. The historical bazaars of Yazd show the ancient art of Islamic Iranian architecture to tourists with its beautiful minarets and windbreaks.

8- Jame Mosque, Isfahan, one of the most beautiful historical places in Isfahan

Isfahan Grand Mosque is one of the most important and oldest religious buildings in Iran. Archaeological excavations in this historical monument show that this mosque was one of the important religious sites of Isfahan in ancient times before the Arab domination of Iran.

9- Among the historical places of Iran: Choghaznabil Ziggurat, Khuzestan

Choghaznabil is one of the most prominent religious shrines in Iran and one of the most important historical sites in Iran, which was built in 1250 BC during the Elamite period. Choghaznabil is located near the ancient city of Susa in Khuzestan province and near the ancient region of Haft Tappeh. Choghaznabil Ziggurat is now famous not only in Iran but all over the world.

10- Biston, Kermanshah

Biston Kermanshah A mountain that has always been considered by people in the past centuries is still one of the most important tourist attractions in Kermanshah province and is important in many ways for this province and the people of Iran and the world.

11- Shahcheragh, Shiraz

Shahcheragh or Shah Cheragh is a famous and blessed tomb that has become one of the most important sights of Shiraz today. The tomb of Shahcheragh is the burial place of Mir Seyyed Ahmad, the son of Imam Musa Kazem, the seventh Imam of the Shiites, and therefore Shahcheragh has become a shrine for many Shiites.

12- The most beautiful historical place in Iran, are Eram Garden and Palace, Shiraz

Eram Garden is a historical Iranian garden in Shiraz and includes several historical monuments and a botanical garden. The date of construction and the original founder of Eram Garden in Shiraz is not well known, But some descriptions of it are given in travelogues belonging to the tenth and eleventh centuries AH.

13- Rudkhan Castle, Gilan

Rudkhan Castle is an important heritage of government military strongholds in Gilan. Rudkhan Castle, this important historical castle that has long been the center of Gilan rulers, is one of the largest and most magnificent military fortresses of Gilan and even Iran. Some experts have attributed the Rudkhan Castle Foundation to the Sassanid period.

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Rudkhan castle

14- Soltanieh of Zanjan province

The dome of Soltanieh is the tomb of Oljaito, which was built between 1302 and 1312 AD by his order in the city of Soltanieh (the capital of the Ilkhanids) and is considered one of the most important works of Iranian and Islamic architecture. The dome of Soltanieh has been registered on the World Heritage List.

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15- Hasht Behesht Palace, Isfahan

Hasht Behesht Palace is a historical palace in the city of Isfahan, which was built during the Safavid period and in 1080 AH. The palace building is built on two floors in the middle of a large garden.

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