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25 things to know before you visit Iran

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? Do we want to tell you 25 things to know before you visit iran. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

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What are 25 things to know before you visit iran؟

Will Hatton Will Hatton is an English tourist who traveled to Iran on June 6, 2016. He is a photographer and writer, and in addition to his work, he also travels. After his trip to Iran, he published an article in which he talked about his challenges related to his trip to Iran and stated 6 points that he thought were interesting facts that no one had mentioned before his trip to Iran and these issues. He was astonished. From now on, we will express Will’s visit to Iran in his own words. Stay with us. After a bit of searching, I made the decision, I wanted to go to Iran. I had a British passport and this posed some challenges for me when visiting Iran; On the other hand, the only way for me to travel to this country was to buy tours, and I wanted to discover this country myself. With that in mind, I decided to get an Irish passport because my grandmother was Irish and they gave me this passport.

It took me a year to get an Irish passport and travel to Iran. I researched Iran during this year and my friends and colleagues told me that traveling to Iran would be dangerous and adventurous, and some even said that Iranians use magic, drugs, etc., but I do not know as much about these issues. I thought it was far from my mind. However, there were some topics that surprised me, I will mention 6 things that were strange to me, topics that no one had told me.

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1.No one wears a burqa

I confess that before traveling to Iran, I expected all women to cover themselves with white and black cloths. I had heard that they wear a burqa (a kind of women’s clothing for Muslims). Some wore tents, but most wore colorful clothes; I even saw a woman wearing a red scarf. I think women who are more traditional wear chadors, but I doubt it. I realized that covering hair is mandatory for women in Iran, and this was strange to me because it is not mandatory to cover hair in most Islamic countries. I realized that Iranian women care about their own beauty, and indeed many of them were like models.

2.Some applications are active in Iran

I already knew that many applications in Iran are inactive, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., and I knew that I had to use certain codes to use them. When I arrived in Iran, I saw that some important applications are also active in Iran, but most foreign tourists use this type of program to make an appointment or find a companion.

3.Driving in Iran is insane

I have seen driving style in different countries, but in my opinion, Iranians have invented a new style of driving; For example, Iranian drivers joke while driving, eat food (pistachios), or suddenly turn the steering wheel of their car in another direction, which can hurt many people. Traffic in Iran is staggering and young drivers try to overtake while driving and do not like to give in to each other. Listening to loud music is also one of the entertainments of the youth in Iran.

4.Iranians have an interesting lifestyle

In Iranian cities, most young people stay with their families when they get married and are less able to be away from their parents. Young Iranians are very interested in parties and dress differently in their parties and try to provide good food and drinks to guests.

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Iranian life style

5.Iran is a good country for adventure

Iran is a cheap country for us to travel and it is safe and you will never regret traveling to it because food is cheap there and you can camp wherever you want. If you stand on any of the streets of Iran, cars will take you to your destination and the price of your transportation may be less than $ 10 per day. I once waited 10 minutes for a taxi, and many drivers did not really understand what I meant, and even they were unfamiliar with the concept. I was very lucky to travel to Iran because I saw kind people and they simply invited me for a cup of tea.

6.The Iranian people are great

As soon as I arrived in Iran, I realized that the people of this country are not extremists or angry at all, but people were calm, and I met many of them and made many friends, and I realized that they are not cold people. Iranians, like the people of other countries, work hard and I realized that they all have different aspirations. Many Iranians dream of traveling to other parts of the world and seeing remote areas, and the young generation is trying to do everything possible to improve the situation in their country in order to have a better place to live and a future. In my opinion, Iran is extraordinary and has a lot of potential for progress. The modernist spirit of the Iranians and having the historical treasures of this country is extraordinary. Iran has the kindest people in the world, and I recommend this country to tourists who do not have a specific goal.

7.Find a host for your first night in Iran and then stop planning a trip to Iran.

With the 2-week visa that this tourist had, visiting all the tourist attractions of Iran seemed impossible, and for this reason, after staying on the first night, he decided to be more among the people of Iran than the tourist attractions. In this way, he could get acquainted with the culture and customs of the Iranians and gain wonderful experiences.

8. 5$ a day is enough to spend.

Many tourists may want to spend more on a trip to Iran than Sylvia, but she brought only $ 400 for 2 weeks and in the end some of her money remained. The Iranians compliment him a lot, but during the trip, this tourist could not force his companions not to invite him.

9.Iranian currency

Unfortunately, there are two currency names in Iran, namely Toman and Rial. The official currency in Iran is the Rial. But locally, one zero of the rial has been reduced and it is called Toman. This issue is not very confusing, it is enough that in payments, when the toman is mentioned, the desired number is multiplied by 10. Only when buying, be sure to ask the price of goods or services in Rials and Tomans. Most and almost all services and prices of goods are mentioned in Tomans, so it is enough to add a zero to the desired number. For example, 5000 Tomans is 50,000 Rials.

10.Security in Iran for foreign tourists

Contrary to negative publicity about Iran, Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East for tourists. In very rare Iran, there are reports of theft from tourists. Many travelers and tourists have stated after their trip to Iran that traveling to Iran is much safer than traveling to Europe. However, in Iran, as in all countries of the world, it is also against theft.

11.Transportation in Iran

Public transportation in Iran is cheap and convenient. Trains, buses, taxis are options you can travel around the country. In large cities of Iran, you can use the metro transportation system for urban transportation.

12.Internet and social media platforms in Iran

Internet access is easily available almost anywhere in Iran instead of very remote and blind places such as mountains and caves in Iran. You can easily use high speed internet in Iran by buying operator SIM cards in Iran. In Iran, there is free wifi for travelers and tourists in almost all hotels and guesthouses. There is no restriction on the use of wifi in hotels, guesthouses and other places in Iran. But keep in mind that the use of wifi is intended for all hotel travelers.

13.Travel to Iran with children

If you want to travel to Iran with your children, do not worry. Nature, food, architecture, people and other things when traveling to Iran will also be amazing for children. In addition, there is no special clothing cover for children. There are also public baby locker rooms. You will not have to worry about finding a place to change your baby’s diaper.

14.Etiquette of visiting religious places during a trip to Iran

To visit special places of pilgrimage such as the shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, Imam Masoumeh in Qom, etc., a special cover for women called a tent is needed. Tents will be given to women free of charge when entering religious places and attractions. In most of the famous tourist mosques of Iran, such as Shah Shah Mosque in Isfahan or Nasir Al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz, there is no need to wear a tent. The entrance to the religious places is for men and women separately, but after entering the religious place, people will be together.

25 things to know before you visit iran

Religious places

15.Gender segregation in public transportation, gyms and swimming pools

One of the 25 things to know before you visit iran is that if you want to use public transportation, you should know that buses and subways have two separate sections, one for women and the other for men. This distinction is sometimes not taken seriously by tourists. But in the case of gyms and swimming pools, there are completely separate programs for men and women. Even if you have traveled to Iran with your family, men and women are not allowed to use the gym and swimming pools together. This is true of the Iranian coast only for swimming.

16.No travel to Iran in certain months

One of the 25 things to know before you visit iran is that during Ramadan, most restaurants, coffee shops and fruit shops are closed from sunrise to sunset, so it is best to avoid traveling to Iran during this month. If you can not stand the crowds, on Nowruz, due to the crowded places of interest and hotels, it is recommended to arrange a trip to Iran after Nowruz. On the day of Tasua and Ashura, all tourist centers in Iran are closed due to religious ceremonies.

17.About Iranian food and drinks

One of the 25 things to know before you visit iran is that Iranian kebab is one of the most famous Iranian dishes, but Iranians have many varied and delicious dishes, most of which remain unknown. The traditional and local food of every region of Iran, especially in eco-tourism houses and eco-tourism accommodations in Iranian villages, is different from the food of hotels and restaurants. In some Iranian restaurants, called traditional restaurants, special places are covered with carpets. You have to take off your shoes on them and taste the food. In these restaurants, be prepared to eat authentic Iranian food, ie broth or daisy with doogh.

25 things to know before you visit iran

Food in iran

18.Toilets in Iran

Toilets are available in many restaurants and hotels, public shopping malls and toilets. But in most Iranian homes, especially in rural areas and public places, there are no toilets yet. In addition, many public toilets do not have toilet paper. So always have a roll of toilet paper with you or adapt to the situation and use water.

19.The best time to travel to Iran

Iran is known as a country of four seasons due to its vast area and geographical conditions. This means that once in the north of Iran, it is icy and the ski slopes in Tehran are crowded, in the south and islands of southern Iran you can enjoy the pleasant sun or camp in the deserts of central Iran and enjoy the silence of the night. So do not limit your trip to Iran to a few tourist cities in Iran. Therefore, the best season to visit Iran depends on the destination and purpose of your visit to Iran. However, the best time to visit Iran in the spring is from March to late May, autumn, late September to late October. During these months, the weather in Iran is neither too hot nor too cold.

25 things to know before you visit iran

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20.Reward law in Iran

Under Iranian law, it is not mandatory to reward a restaurant waiter or someone who takes your luggage to your hotel room. These people get paid by their employer for the services they provide. Of course, you can give a reward voluntarily. This is different for people who are going to provide you with special services, such as carrying your backpack and belongings on a mountaineering route. A five or ten thousand toman banknote is a good amount for a reward.

21.Public beliefs in Iran

In Iranian culture, mosques, shrines and shrines are respected, and visiting them, like all other religious sites around the world, requires respect and humility. At noon and after full sunset, due to congregational prayers, it is not possible for tourists to visit some large mosques. After the congregational prayer, which does not last more than a few minutes, there is no obstacle to visiting.

22.Halal food in Iran

According to Iranian regulations, only halal food is served in this country. Halal food is not prepared or served with alcohol. The animal whose meat is to be used for cooking is slaughtered in a special way. Also, the meat of some animals such as pigs, dogs, mice, etc. are not used in Iran because they are not halal.

23.The best way to start a conversation in Iran

For 25 things to know before you visit iran, if you want to ask someone for an address or have a request to explain something to you, or when you enter a shop / store / museum / restaurant / cafe, etc., say hello first. Saying hello at the beginning of a conversation with Iranians is a kind of respect, norm and cultural value.

24.Conventional nutrition etiquette in Iran

Unlike European food culture, most traditional Iranian dishes do not need a knife to be served. In most cases, you can easily eat with a spoon and fork. Some foods require only a spoon to use. Others are wrapped in bread and eaten by hand.

25.Solo trips to Iran

one of the 25 things to know before you visit iran is that backpackers, like those traveling to Iran on tour, are in complete safety. However, it is better to stay in places licensed by the Tourism Organization of Iran and use valid cars when traveling.

25 things to know before you visit iran

Solo trip