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Bridges are one of the structures of the engineering world that have come to the aid of humans for centuries. Bridges are known as the means of communication between people. And also sometimes their absence caused communities to be completely disconnected from each other. These bridges have sometimes saved lives, such as bridges built over flooding rivers or bridges that are located at high altitudes. It making it impossible to reach two impossible points! Certainly, you have heard the name of Veresk Bridge. So far, which is known as one of the masterpieces of the Iranian engineering world. And also has been of great importance, both historically and in terms of use.

Veresk bridge

About Veresk bridge

This bridge is one of the most historic bridges in Iran, which is located in the city of Firuzkuh and in the heart of its beautiful nature. Veresk bridge iran is located in Firoozkooh. In the village of Veresk. And it is also, one of the oldest railway routes in Iran. This bridge is actually a communication road at a height of 110 meters for 2 mountains, which is very difficult to cross. The 73-meter-long bridge connects the two sides of the Veresk Valley. The date of inauguration of this bridge dates back to 1315. It has cost about 26 million rials. Which is more than 50 billion tomans today compared to the exchange rate of Iran at that time. It is interesting to know that today the same bridge is used as in the past. Today, TehranGorgan and Tehran-Sari passenger trains cross this bridge.

veresk bridge

The destination is between Tehran-Gorgan and Tehran-Sari

History of Veresk bridge

This historic bridge was registered in 1977. Another name for the Versailles Bridge is the Victory Bridge. Because of this naming, it also played an important role in World War II and in his victory. In 1305, the National Assembly approved the plan to build a national railway in Iran. According to which the north and south of Iran had easy access to each other. The project was outsourced to a Danish company called Compsax. After all the research and work done by this reputable Danish company, they decided that the railway should pass through the village of Abbas Abad (Veresk village). The reason for building the Veresk Bridge was to be able to cross the deep Veresk Valley. But since the height of this valley was high and its mouth was large and the tools were limited, the work was really difficult.

Learn more about Veresk bridge

Since this bridge was built about 80 years ago and at that time engineering was not as advanced as it is today, it is natural that a lot of effort was put into building this bridge due to the simple tools that existed. In this bridge, materials such as cement, mortar, sand and brick have been used, and it is interesting that a bridge of this magnitude has no reinforced concrete! The engineers and specialists who built the bridge 81 years ago pledged that the Veresk Bridge would last up to 70 years and be usable. But now 81 years have passed. Since then and fortunately this bridge is still standing and still in use, which shows the depth of intelligence and the right work of its builders.

Veresk bridge, nowadays

Veresk Bridge is now one of the historical and important and spectacular documents of our country. It has become one of the tourist attractions in the north of our country and is visited by many enthusiasts every year. In addition to what has been said about the importance of the Versk Bridge and its visit, its pristine and green nature in the north and the Alborz Mountains is another spectacular sight to behold. Watching the Veresk bridge on days when it is raining and the bridge sinks in the mist at a height is truly an exciting and unforgettable experience. Of course, photographing this spectacular bridge is another part of the work that you should pay attention to when visiting it. The view of this bridge when you look at it in the valley and from below is so spectacular.

veresk bridge

veresk bridge iran

Access to the Versek bridge

There are several routes to reach Versk and watch the magnificent Veresk Bridge, which will vary depending on the location. To go to Mazandaran, you can choose the three axes of Kandovan, Firoozkooh and Haraz. If tourists from Tehran are going to travel to Mazandaran, it is better to travel to this region of the country from Firoozkooh axis. In the heart of the mountains and to their right can be seen three rails that are parallel to each other, located at a distance of 100 meters. These three parallel rails are the three famous gold lines of the Veresk Bridge, to which they have traveled a relatively long but spectacular route. After three gold lines and crossing the tunnel, they will reach Veresk. Passengers will have to get out of the car to watch the bridge. It is better to take care of themselves and their children for photography.

Local foods in Veresk valley

Mazandaran province and especially Veresk and its surrounding villages have a valuable diet due to their geographical location. The leeks and mountain vegetables that grow in these areas make up their diet. Dairy and meat are also valuable parts of the region’s cuisine. Yogurts and buttermilk as well as broth are some of the popular foods of this region that are cooked in a special way in this region. Since rice, wheat and legumes are the main crops of the region’s farmers, baking bread with rice and wheat flour, as well as a variety of local sweets and pastries, is very common. In recent years, many villagers have rented their rooms to travelers for a living. You can be a guest of a dear Mazeni family and enjoy delicious local food.

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