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How much is the hotel in Iran?

How much is the hotel in Iran?, There are different types of hotels in Iran. Hotels have many ranks such as 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. Other accommodations in Iran can be like as Motels, Guest hosts, traditional houses or boutique hotels and local houses. Each one of them has their own costs, but in this article we mention about the hotels and the reservation.

Cost of hotels for Iran Travel

The amount of hotel’s costs in Iran are as below:
2 star about 15 $ per night

3 star about 25 $ per night

4 star about 40 $ per night

5 star about 80 $ per night

How much is the hotel in Iran

Hotel reservation (How much is the hotel in Iran)

Perhaps less someone knows that hotels earn millions of dollars annually by receiving additional expenses from Iran travelers. Many times travelers are surprised to see these expenses; expenses that make their bills longer than they expected. But if you are consciously booking a hotel and know where you shouldn’t have a hand in your pocket, you can hope that your head will not be helmet. In this article, we will tell you that with a little research, asking the right questions and a little caution, you can get rid of additional costs.

Things to do when booking a hotel in Iran

Undoubtedly online hotel booking allows you to know everything about your preferred hotel and make a reservation by knowing the amenities and rules of your preferred room. So the first step to reduce additional costs should be at the same moment pick up and book a hotel. How?

The additional costs we are talking about include, for example, internet WiFi, parking fees, and side activities such as a gym or spa, extra beds or even an early reception. The best thing to avoid these costs is to ask about these fees when you are admitted and check your bill when you leave the hotel well. By doing this, no hidden fees will remain hidden from your eyes. Our suggestion is:

From negotiating log: some Iran hotels reluctant not receive an additional fee waiver will too. of course, to the condition that at the stage of admission, explain the not Service a particular use. These costs include gym, parking fees and internet WiFi, and accommodation fees for certain specific activities. Be transparent after the very beginning and say that you are not supposed to use these activities and services.

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* Try your best to extract any possible expenses before you reach the hotel،

  • Be sure to ask the question, What kind of additional expenses should I reciprocate for staying in this room?

* Next tell if it is possible to overlook the costs of gym, parking or internet? I do not need to use this service.

From now invites sealed bids featured hotels use: some hotels, especially chain hotels special offers for travelers consider that subject to discounts for them. The use of these offer is often free and members can benefit from free services such as free internet or free early admission. Plus passengers can get special discounts by collecting points on subsequent accommodations.

Beware of hidden costs (How much is the hotel in Iran)

What exactly do we mean when we speak of hidden costs? These costs include:

* Housekeeping services،

  • Parking،

* Early reception at the hotel،

* Cancellation fee early

  • Even luggage storage،

 Roman service،

Use fax machine and copy،

Send or receive parcels and

  • Minibar
How much is the hotel in Iran
With this account it is better to observe the following points:

Hotels usually for bed added cost of a separate get what they need to know that more hotels price their rooms for two set’s small, the fee is not paid”. If you are supposed to be the third person of adulthood to stay in the room for the night, you will most likely have to pay an extra bed fee. So it is better to look for a hotel reservation from the very beginning that does not receive such a fee from you. It is possible to do this by spending more time and accuracy when reviewing hotels on the site.

Do not touch anything in the minibar: anyone who intends to save their money knows well that it should not be close to the minibar. What you may not have noticed is that if you miss anything in the minibar, you have activated a sensor that will add up to the cost of your room. Of course, the function of the sensor is to prevent passengers from replacing items inside the minibar with something.

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If you are likely to be charged for one of the items inside the minibar that you have not used and have just touched it, talk to the reception staff.

Do not overlook the cost of snacks or water: if you encounter a basket of mineral water or snacks in your room, you may think that they are part of the hotel service; but unfortunately it is not! So we recommend that you refrain from consuming any food or beverages prepared in the room. Unless you have already inquired about its costs.

Inquire about any gratuity or reward: it is customary to pay gratuity for housekeeping and spa services such as massage. However in some hotels the reward for such services is calculated on the cost of your room. So inquire in advance about these fees so as not to tip twice.

Use free resources (How much is the hotel in Iran)

 For this purpose you should pay attention to the following points:

Instead of the early reception, leave your baggage to the hotel: many hotels receive a separate fee for the early reception. So instead of this, ask the hotel to keep your suitcases (most hotels do it free of charge). You can also go around the neighborhood for a while until the appointment is fulfilled. Of course, it is better to ensure that your luggage is free before delivery.

Use your own phone: we strongly advise you not to use the hotel phone unless you are contacting the reception. Hotels charge not only for long distance calls, but even for close domestic calls. So use your mobile phone for your personal calls. Look for free parking: although some hotels offer free parking, many others receive a fee for this. So take a little time and walk around the hotel. You may find free street parking or even a cheap parking lot.

Use another internet connection: you should know that you should never pay for using WiFi at the hotel before. But if your hotel received money for this service, use the internet somewhere else. If you have a smartphone, you can create your own personal hotspot or connect to the free Internet of a coffee shop. In the event that all these routes fail, drag away the internet for a few lines. At least by doing this, you’ve saved your money too.