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11 dishes to eat when you are in Iran

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Introducing 11 dishes to eat when you are in Iran

If you are a foodie, it is virtually impossible if you have not heard of vegetable crumbs, Iranian kebabs or other delicious Iranian food. The truth is that Iranian food is popular among travelers traveling to Iran, and sometimes this is why many tourists travel to Iran. The fame of Iranian food is so epic that many people and food lovers from all over the world travel to Iranian cities and try only Iranian food.

1. Kebab is a famous Iranian food

Kebab is a piece of lamb or chicken that is stuffed in charcoal and placed on a rice dish. This food is one of the most important Iranian dishes. Next to it are grilled tomatoes, yogurt, green vegetables, and crispy pickles. This famous Iranian dish is very famous with basil that you put next to it.

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Kebab Koobideh


Fesenjan or Fesenjoon is a symbolic and inseparable part of Persian food at weddings and parties, which is a great combination of pomegranate and chicken or duck paste. That is why we have included it in our list of some famous Iranian dishes. Sometimes saffron and cinnamon are used to flavor it, and sometimes a little sugar is added to balance the taste.

11 dishes to eat when you are in iran


3,Gheymeh is a famous Iranian dish

Gheimeh is one of the authentic Iranian dishes that no one can tour in Iran and not eat this delicious stew with rice in a restaurant. This dish is served with meat, chickpeas, and lemons. This famous Iranian food is very common among the people in the months of Muharram for Nazri.

4. Ghormeh Sabzi, one of the unique Iranian dishes

Qormeh Sabzi is one of the most delicious and popular Iranian dishes on the list of some of our famous and top Iranian dishes it is impossible to find someone who does not like it. It is a mixture of fresh vegetables such as parsley and coriander cooked with red beans and lamb.

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Ghormeh Sabzi

5.Baghali Polo Ba Mahicheh

If in Iran a bowl of Baghali Polo is placed in front of you, first of all, its green color shows itself as first. This dish is often served with tender lamb or without bones. And it is accompanied by the aromatic taste of saffron. Others prepare this food with paste. Of course, the method pair is very tasty and delicious.

11 dishes to eat when you are in iran

Baghali Polo Ba Mahicheh

6.Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh, this ancient and popular dish that is on the list of some famous Iranian dishes, is full of red barberry that is dried with rice and butter before cooking, which helps the taste of barberry and tasty chicken.

iran tour7.Ash-e Reshteh

Ash is a soup with a dense texture of noodles, a delicious combination of beans and legumes and fragrant and leafy vegetables such as spinach and beet leaves. Before serving, decorate it with fried onions, fried mint and curd.


Dizi or Abgoosht is made with beef, chickpeas and potatoes, and all the ingredients are placed in an earthenware dish for a few hours, and the meat is cooked until it can be mashed with a meat grinder. As a travel guide, all traditional Dizi restaurants serve lunch or dinner. You should break the bread into small pieces and put them in a bowl of broth and eat. This is what we call “Tilit”. Then mix all the beans, meat and potatoes and serve with bread. This famous Iranian food is also very popular among tourists.

11 dishes to eat when you are in iran



Prepare this delicious delicious Iranian dish, first mix rice with yogurt, egg yolk and saffron and put layers of chicken or spicy meat side by side until golden.


10.Lubia Polo

Bean pilaf (Lubia Polo) is cooked with rice, green beans, slices of minced meat, and fried onions. Tomato paste and lots of spices such as cinnamon are added to the mixture to make the food tastier. It is very common to eat this famous Iranian dish with Shirazi salad or pickles.


Shishlik with the same name is very popular in different countries of Central Asia, Eastern, and Southern Europe. But what you find in Iranian restaurants is different from food cooked in other countries. In Iran, this famous Iranian dish is cooked from large pieces of lamb and served in five (and sometimes six) pieces in each dish.