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World Cup history in Iran

The history of Iran’s participation in the World Cup has not been so brilliant, but the arrival of Iran’s national team and its games in various World Cups has almost always been accompanied by controversial margins. Best Tourist packages

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History of Iran’s Participation in the FIFA World Cup: A Review of Memories

The Iranian Football Federation was founded in 1920. Iran’s first national team match was held in Kabul against india national team, Iran finished the game 1-0 to their advantage. Two days later, Iran won its first official match against Afghanistan. Iran has three consecutive Asian Cup titles in 1968, 1972 and 1976.


History of Iran’s participation in the 1978 Argentina World Cup Best Tourist packages

There were only 16 teams at the Argentina World Cup. Argentina won their first World Cup by crossing the Dutch Barrier. Iran’s national team also finished 14th in the era.

In the 1978 Argentina World Cup qualifiers, Iran won the first qualifying round against Australia, South Korea, Kuwait and Hank Kong. In this period, he won six undefeated victories from a total of 8 games and won the Argentina World Cup with authority. Best Tourist packages

At the time of Iran’s draw with Austria, France and Tunisia, it was in a pot category. Finally, iran’s national team was placed in a group with teams from Peru, the Netherlands and Scotland to make the fascinating and unrepeatable adventures of Iran’s first World Cup appearance. Best Tourist packages

In the first match, Iran’s national team faced the Netherlands, the vice-champion of the World Cup. No goals were exchanged between the two teams until the 40th minute of the game, but all of a sudden, Ronsenbring defeated dutch national football team legend Nasser Hejazi. Although this was not the end, Iran presented two penalties to the Netherlands, so that Runsenbring would open iran’s gate twice more in the 62st and 78th minutes. The game’s biggest margin was the existence of two penalties and Hattrick Runsenbring. Best Tourist packages

In the next game, Iran fought back against Scotland. Scotland’s world cup team was a contender for the Argentina World Cup. Although Iran scored two goals in the match, the game ended 1-1! There is no trick, Alexandrian kicked a goal in the 43rd minute of the game. Minutes later – the 60th minute of the game – but Danaifar was able to break Scotland’s goal spell. This equality was the best result of Iran’s presence until years later.

In the final match, Iran faced Peru. The Peruvian national team, in those years, was still very prepared. Iran finished the match 4-1. The visit was accompanied by its own surroundings.


Hattrick Kubilas, like Runsenbring, condemned Iran to lose. Just like the netherlands, Kubilas scored two of Kubilas’ three goals from the penalty spot. Velasquez registered one of the fastest goals of the World Cup that year with a goal scored in the 2nd minute of the game. Roshan, the familiar name player of Iranian football, was able to open the Peruvian gate in the 41st minute of the game.


History of Iran’s participation in the 1998 World Cup in France Best Tourist packages

In the first-round qualifying matches, Iran was able to beat its rivals one after the other. Iran’s national team, giants such as Abedzadeh, Karim Bagheri, Ali Daei, etc. He had, which is still heard more or less after many years… Perhaps the most memorable match in the competition was Iran’s match against the Maldives. In this game, Iran were able to literally close the maldives goalkeeper to the ball and finish the game to their advantage with 17 goals.


History of Iran’s participation in the 2006 World Cup in Germany

After failing to qualify for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, Iran easily made it to the competition. Although according to some experts, iran’s national team did not play an extraordinarily attractive game like the golden period of Iranian football in 2019, but it was able to reach the World Cup by the lowest margin. Best Tourist packages

The qualifying matches, facing Qatar, Laos and Jordan, secured their entry into the next round. Although Iran defeated Laos 7-0, the Jordanian national team was defeated 0-1 in Tehran. Clever changes in the squad led Iran to always get off the field as the winning team in the next matches and defeat Laos again with the same result.


History of Iran’s participation in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Best Tourist packages

This time, After a break, Iran had once again earned enough motivation to attend the World Cup. Stars such as Nekoonam, Karimi and … Also, by coaching Kirosh, they had simplified the work for the Iranian national team. At first, Iran went to the Maldives, the Maldives national team suffered a heavy defeat against Iran in both round-trip matches. Best Tourist packages

After this, Iran teamed up with Bahrain, Indonesia and Qatar. Here, too, Iran finished all its games undefeated. Iran’s sweetest win also came against Bahrain at the Azadi Stadium with six goals. Finally, the National Team of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in the match against Qatar, agreed to a 2-2 draw to prepare for the next match as the head of the group. Best Tourist packages


Iran’s participation in the 2018 World Cup in Russia

This is the first time Iran has been able to compete in the FIFA World Cup in a row. In the opening race, Iran simply crossed the Barrier from India, Turkmenistan, Guam and Oman. Iran began qualifying for the World Cup on June 12, 2017, after a 2-0 win over Uzbekistan. Iran’s biggest margin of entry into the World Cup was Kirosh’s coercion and reconciliation, and ultimately the coach’s continued cooperation with the national team. Best Tourist packages

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