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Margoon waterfall

Margoon waterfall is the largest and highest waterfall in the world. The water temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius even in the warmest months of the year. Waterfalls, which are natural attractions, often lead a river from a high place to the Valley. Margoon waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Shiraz, Fars province. This waterfall, which is easy to get into in the spring, will give you unforgettable views.

This waterfall with 70 meters high and 100 meters wide is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Iran. The area of this beautiful waterfall has parking, sanitary and flat places that are provided by the municipality to set up tents and stay visitors. Since there is no river above the waterfall and thousands of springs from the heart of the mountain are boiling and flowing water source of this beautiful waterfall, Margon waterfall is a fountain.

Margoon waterfall in East Yasuj is located on the border of two provinces Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad and Fars in a village of the same name.  The resulting river stretches from margoon springs to near sepidan (former Ardakan). This waterfall is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the region and is listed in the top waterfalls of the country. The establishment of margoon waterfall is constructed at a height above 2000 meters with a cold, pleasant climate atmosphere. This waterfall has several veins that flow into the Valley and on the river route. Surrounding the waterfall is covered with forests and trees soaring.

Margoon waterfall

Beauties of Margoon waterfall

Another beauty of margoon is the hourly wedding ceremony of the villagers. They stomp with local costumes next to the waterfall. Parking and flat grounds are available for accommodation of facilities and accommodations near this attraction. In addition, Parsian Azadi Yasuj hotel accommodation centers, Yasuj tourist hotel and poladkaf sepidan hotel are other facilities that tourists can stay in the area.

Also, Margoon waterfall, along with its beautiful surrounding landscapes, is one of the best ecotourism options in the hot season of the year, which brings pleasant moments to travelers.

 The resulting river stretches from margoon springs to near sepidan (former Ardakan). With a height above 2200 meters, in the cold seasons in this area, you will see ice icicles next to the waterfall. Apple Gardens, hawthorn trees, barberry bushes among the dense forest trees, the natural beauty of the waterfall doubles. Also, The inhabitants of the village of Margon have Lor ethnicity and speak the beautiful accent of Larry.

Margoon waterfall

Margoon waterfall is beautiful in all seasons and takes a new face. this waterfall in the second half of the year when the air is cold very beautiful icicles and the height of the waterfall ornament. So, if you intend to see the margoon waterfall in cold seasons, it is better to find out in addition to having the right equipment than the openness of communication and weather conditions. Because it may be due to snowfall the way to this waterfall is cut.

In the hot seasons of the year, with the water drowning and the greening of the surrounding trees, the weather is much more pleasant, so margoon waterfall in the summer welcomes many tourists and tourists. Even at the warmest time of the year, the temperature of this area reaches 10 degrees.

In addition, to camping and enjoying the sound of water in these seasons, you can witness local ceremonies, such as rural weddings. Blue is continuous from the top of the mountain to rock bottom sheds makes smooth of gems was also due to the moisture growth on the walls waterfall like cascading green has been.

margoon waterfallMargoon waterfall, How to go to Margon sepidan falls?

Ways to get to margoon waterfall is not much and depends on city of origin. You are cities in the north of the country plan to visit this waterfall, you have before to the city of Yasuj reach in 29-kilometer road eghlid – Yasooj boards help you to cascade brings.

But if you are from the southern provinces of the country, after reaching the city of Yasuj, 65 km away from the city to see the margoon waterfall signs. Meanwhile, if your first destination is Shiraz and you want to visit margoon waterfall, it is better to go to sepidan. Then, after 130 km drive to the waterfall.  The main road to get to the waterfall is asphalt, but little of that earthy is also the possibility of going to the foot of the falls by car, there is not, but should be in the parts that for parking embedded to park and then the path up to the foot of the waterfall margoon should walk.

Margoon waterfall, Best time to visit Margon falls Yasuj

further, The temperature of the margarine waterfall is cool at any time of the year. Also, the surroundings are also cool and pleasant thanks to this temperature. So if in the spring and summer to visit margoon waterfall to go, the best weather you will experience. Moreover, in the hearts of warm sunshine from waterfall and greenery environment around, you will enjoy. In winter, due to snowfall and cold weather, visiting Margon Falls is not suggested.

Above all, Because everywhere ice and Icicle closes and the possibility of recreation next to the waterfall and the river will not be possible. But if you want to experience a different visit and benefit from the closed ice landscape and white waterfall color, winter is the perfect season for this. But, note that due to the mountainousness of the access route to the Margon falls in the precipitation season, communication routes may be interrupted.

Margoon waterfall, What other attractions are there near the Margon waterfall of Yasuj?

Resorts and family garden Poplar: 550 meters

Protected area of margoon falls: 21 km

Garden and promenade Gardens: 21.6 km

Seyed garden and promenade: 22.4 km

Kemehr Gardens: 25 km

Pouladkov ski resort: 33.5 km


Margoon waterfall, What hotels are there to stay near Margon waterfall of Yasuj?

Adelu hotel: 22 km

Pearl Tang hotel: 25.5 km

Ibrahim Niazi hotel: 47.4 km

Grandmother’s hotel: 62 km

What restaurants and eateries are there near Margon falls of Yasuj?

Tang Pearl Restaurant: 25.5 km

Bread and Salt restaurant: 51 km

Kohsaran restaurant: 53.3 km

Chahargol Restaurant: 56 km

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