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Most Famous Traditional Houses to stay in Iran

Kiataj Langarud Ecolodge

Kyataj Ecolodge is located in the village of Garesk in Langarud county of Gilan province. Langarud is a city with safa in the green line of the north, located 60 kilometers from Rasht. Kiataj rural house is built on 14,000 square meters land in 1 suite with materials such as thatch and wood and the suite has facilities such as kitchen, room, terrace, bathroom and an independent 7000-meter area, which has a maximum reception capacity of 15 people. Iran Travel

Kyataj House is located in a mountainous area, located in the edge of pleasant gardens of tea and paddy fields, resting on its open terrace with an unparalleled view, removing the boredom from you. Located in a peaceful and cozy environment with a pleasant climate and a pristine nature, the residence provides an opportunity to forget your concerns and concerns and inject peace into your soul and soul.

By staying in Kiataj ecotourism, in addition to enjoying the lush nature of the village such as a river, forest, mountains, you can visit touristic tourists such as Kiakalayeh Wetland, Bam Komala, Shalaman Rud, Chaf Wetland, Langarud Adobe Bridge, Caspian Sea Coast, Atakoh and Fajr Langarud Park and make an unrepeatable stay for yourself.

Traditional Houses in Iran Travel

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Most Famous Traditional Houses to stay in Iran

Kaleh Damghan House Ecolodge Iran Travel

Kaleh House Ecolodge is located in the historic Mayan village of Damghan county of Semnan province. Damghan, a historic city along the Silk Road, has been carrying the title of 100 gateways for years. Kalle House Residence is located 5 km away from Damghan on an area of 200 meters and an infrastructure of 100 square meters, which has a maximum reception capacity of 19 people with 4 accommodation rooms. Iran Travel

This village house is built with vernacular architecture, domed ceilings and materials such as thatch, clay and brick, which represents the lifestyle of the simple peoples of that region. The nightlife in the traditional rooms of this beautiful residence, along with the storytelling under the seat in the family gathering, is a sweet and memorable memory that will never be forgotten. Drinking hot tea in the courtyard of a house that still has an old mood and can be reviewed around the corner brings you endless memories of the past.

Also, staying in rooms decorated with the art of the delightful host of this residence has doubled the charm of this ecotourism. Tourist attractions around the residence include the Historical Mosque, Cheshmeh Ali, Tappeh Hesar, Forty Girls Tower, Lotfi House, Toghrol Tower, Shirband Cave and Pir Alamdar Mausoleum. Iran Travel


Farmhouse Pardis Osku – East Azar Bayjan Iran Travel

Pardis Rural House is located in the village of Bauil in the esco district of East Azerbaijan province. Bauil, a village of underground springs, a bungalow village and a green head with a pleasant climate located 1 km from Osku. Pardis Residence is built on 300 m² land area and 120 m² infrastructure in 2 floors and has 2 suites, each of which includes reception, kitchen, bedroom, WT&D and en-suite bathroom, totaling the maximum capacity of 18 people. Iran Travel

Passing through the winding alleys of the village, you will reach a beautiful house in the heart of a vast, green courtyard with an unparalleled view where staying will mark an unforgettable day for you. Pardis’s bungalow in spring, with the regest of plants and trees, the return of birds and a cool spring breeze, takes on a fresh color and smell that captures a memorable picture in the minds of its guests.

One of the unique features of this rural residence is its proximity to the historic and touristic village of Kandovan, which provides an opportunity for the history of friends to visit this ancient village. Other tourist attractions around the residence include the historical and buried village of Sly, Alishah Citadel, Alishah Mausoleum, Kaboud Mosque, Constitutional House, Senior Lawn Bungalow, Tabriz Bazaar, El Goli Park and Clock Tower. Iran Travel

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Shandiz Ecolodge of Mashhad Shandiz

Abardgah Ecolodge is located in the village of Abardeh in binalood city of Khorasan Razavi province. Shandiz is a city full of beautiful nature, with watery atmospheres, lush valleys and wildflowers on the slopes of its skyrocketing mountains, stealing the hearts of every passerby. The residence is located 3 km away from Shandiz and 23 km from Mashhad on an area of 370 square meters in two floors of the ground and first floors, which has a maximum capacity of 40 people with 4 rooms. Iran Travel

After passing through the alleys of the high-end gardens of Abardeh, you will reach the wooden derby, behind which a thatched house with traditional layout awaits you. Walking through the cobbled courtyard, pool, wooden stumps, waterfront and old wells, everyone and everyone is fascinated by their simplicity and beauty that only the aroma of hot scalloped bread is enough to get the intelligence out of your head. Enjoy the eye-catching greenery of the village and the tall trees surrounding the pleasant terrace of this farmhouse, along with drinking freshly brewed tea, and remove the boredom of the way.

One of the unique features of this residence is its tranquility and silence, which has provided a suitable destination for people who have been looking to stay away from the commotion of the city. One of the tourist attractions around the residence is Vakilabad Zoo, Chalydara Tourism Exemplary Area, Imam Reza Holy Shrine, Honey Fountain, Stone Mountain, Shirbad Ski Resort and Golestan Dam. Iran Travel

Most Famous Traditional Houses

Kalut Kavir Shahrood Ecolodge

Kalut Kavir Residence is located in Reza Abad village of Shahroud, Semnan province. The reason for naming the village to Klot Kavir is due to the existence of clots and earthen hills near the village. Reza Abad village, which is the target village of tourism, due to its special geographical location and proximity to Sabzevar city, travelers between Tehran and Mashhad can visit this spectacular village and stay in this rural house. This traditional house with domed roof architecture patterned from village houses, with clay materials built on one floor with 9 rooms next to each other has the capacity to accommodate 40 passengers. Iran Travel

Reza Abad desert village is a village located between mountains, rivers and ramals and tourists can enjoy the nature of the mountain and river by walking in the village on the one hand and on the other hand by walking on the ramps and sands of the flowing desert experience. By staying in this village, there is nothing to be seen from the crowds and hums, to the eyes and ears working is silence, the silence of the desert, the pleasant weather of the desert and its starry night sky creates the most dreamy scenes.

By staying in this resort, you can experience the joy of desert trekking, observing the stars, seeing the Milky Way, riding camels on the ramels, trekking and riding on cars on the desert, draining your excitement and making a memorable and memorable journey for yourself. Iran Travel

Majon House Ecolodge in Kashan

Majon House Ecolodge is located in Maragh village of Kashan, Isfahan province. Maragh is a pristine village in a mountainous and well-weathered region where hardworking people have a warm reception for tourists. Saray Majoon rural house, 35 km from Kashan and 10 km from Borzok, is built in a vast garden with an area of 700 square meters, which has a maximum capacity of 12 people with 3 accommodation rooms. Iran Travel

By passing through the lush alleyways and the magnificent streets of Maragh, you will reach the wooden derby, behind which a house between tall trees awaits your reception. The traditional layout and unique combination of floral color in this rural residence will make you fade away from your beauty so that it will be difficult for you to look out for all the beauty. If you are eager to inhale the pleasant aroma of damask roses and rose water by opening your room window, be sure to experience the trip to The Motherjoon House ecotourism in May.


Persimmon Tree Ecolodge in Isfahan Iran Travel

Isfahan is a noble city that, after many centuries and despite the fluctuations in the governments of history, is still shining with authority and displaying its glory. Persimmon tree house is built on an area of 250 meters and an infrastructure of 150 square meters as a ground floor with 3 accommodation rooms, has the maximum capacity to accommodate 16 people.
With rooms with a pleasant layout in an intimate atmosphere, the residence offers you a relaxing sense of simple and indiscriminate living. The traditional and wooden bed arranged in the courtyard, in addition to doubling the charm of this house, has made it possible for friends under the shade of persimmon trees to enjoy that space by drinking hot tea and to record a happy memory of this trip in their minds. Iran Travel

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Chaplain Abadeh Ecolodge

Chaplain Ecolodge is located in the village of Baqerabad in the central part of Abadeh county of Fars province. Abadeh, the world city of Manbat, is warm and hospitable with tourist attractions and people who welcome numerous domestic and foreign tourists every year. Chaplain’s farmhouse is built on an area of 6000 meters and an infrastructure of 500 square meters with a history of more than 100 years as a ground floor, with 6 accommodation rooms with the maximum capacity to accommodate 25 people. Iran Travel

Chaplain’s farmhouse, with its old architecture and traditional layout, and a beautiful courtyard decorated with wooden beds, beautiful camellias and colorful flowers, provides a pleasant and indescribable atmosphere to enjoy the family and friendly periods of peace that prevails in this place and experience a memorable journey. Also drinking Atashi tea on wooden courtyard beds, while enjoying seeing the star-steful night sky is also not free of grace.

San Ike Stagecoach Ecolodge

San Ik Ecolodge is located in The Village of The Valley of Delijan County, Markazi Province. The residence is 55 km away from Delijan city on 2000 m² land area and 330 m² infrastructure is built in 1 floor with 5 rooms, with maximum capacity of 43 people.
The rooms in the residence are almost identical, all of which open to a shared lounge. The ecotourism has a large and open courtyard that offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a walk in it and to watch the beautiful mountain view. Iran Travel

Gaffareh Residence in Qeshm

Gaffareh Residence is located in the port of Souza, Qeshm county, Hormozgan province. Qeshm Island, with its sandy, rocky and muddy beaches, as well as beautiful valleys and straits that have been affected by erosion, has been the land of wonders. Gofareh Residence with a distance of 25 km from Qeshm on an area of 900 meters and an infrastructure of 300 square meters is ground-floored, with 6 accommodation rooms, has the maximum capacity to accommodate 34 people. Iran Travel


Badgiran Soheili Ecolodge of Qeshm

Badgiran Soheili Ecolodge is located on the largest island of the Persian Gulf (beautiful island of Qeshm) which provides a peaceful and pleasant environment for tourists. This ecolodge with its traditional design, clay walls and wooden ceiling has been able to show the indigenous lifestyle of the hardworking people of southern Iran.
The farmhouse has a capacity of 40 passengers on 235 m² land area and 135 m² infrastructure in 6 separate accommodation units decorated with delicate hand-woven mats. Also, a bridal room specially designed for brides and grooms is located in the residence of Badgiran, which is built in a completely native style and has given it a new spirit with happy colors. By staying in this traditional house, you can find attractions of Dolphin Island, Stargah Valley, Mangrove Forest, Cheap Sale in Dargahan, Chahkooh Gorge, etc. Visit and make a memorable and memorable stay. Iran Travel


Isfahan Plains Ecolodge

Dasht-e-Shab Ecolodge is located in The Village of Hossein Abad, Lower Jerghaviyeh District of Isfahan Province. The 100-year-old residence is built on 247 m² land area and 80 m² ground floor area and has 3 accommodation rooms that have been used by tourists after restoration and renovation.

The ecotourism of Dasht-e-Shab, 60 km from Varzaneh desert and Isfahan, is made of materials such as clay and thatch and is perfectly decorated in the traditional style. An old house where you can search for sweet memories of the past in its corners. Its beautiful courtyard with colorful flowers and a turquoise pond in the middle of it removes the fatigue of the arriving passengers. Iran Travel

Two-story farmhouse in Rasht – Second Floor

This village house is located 14 km away from Rasht city of Gilan province. The residence is built on 1800 m² land area and 105 m² infrastructure as 1 residential suite on the second floor, with 2 rooms of 12 meters, kitchen, terrace (16 square meters), bathroom and en-suite bathroom, the maximum reception capacity of 8 people.
The suite is located on the second floor and the first floor suite of this house is also bookable for tourists. Also, the kitchen equipment of this suite is arranged on the first floor terrace of the building. The house is built in a cozy and tranquil environment and brings you a tranquil residence with stunning view of the surrounding gardens and paddy fields.
Rasht, an ever-lush city with relentless rains that has given the eye-catching beauties for travelers to entertain. Tourist attractions around the residence include Saravan Forest Park (18 km), Sustan Wetland (41 km), Bile Closed Forest Tunnel (35 km), Bandar Anzali (46 km) and Imamzadeh Mohammad (3 km). Iran Travel


Behesht Javid Firouz Abad Ecolodge – Fars Iran Travel

Behesht Javid Ecolodge is located in The Maymand District of Firuzabad County, Fars Province. Ecotourism is located in a pristine and eye-catching nature located 40 km from Firuzabad and 80 km from Shiraz. Behesht-e Javid Residence with a history of more than 100 years has been built on 2000 square meters land with 5 residence rooms (with similar architecture and decoration), has the maximum capacity to accommodate 30 people.


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