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Staying in Shiraz, the sunny and pleasant city of Iran with the smell of citrus aurantium and its beautiful historical attractions should not be missed at any time of the year Shiraz Hotel. Besides, Shiraz is a large and very beautiful city in Fars province, geographically located in southwestern Iran.

In addition, the city is full of historical and modern tourist attractions that attract the attention of every tourist. Also, of course, we should not overlook the rich culture and history of Shiraz, which has been inherited to its people chest-to-chest and has made it attractive today. Besides, every year, millions of domestic and foreign travelers crave to travel to the land of poetry and bloom, and hence, good tourism facilities and standards have been developed in this city for the welfare of travelers.

Now, as one of the best travel and airline services companies, it is possible to easily book the best  Shiraz hotel in Shiraz for you dear passengers to easily book hotels in Shiraz as easily as possible.

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Guide to choosing the right areas for hotel reservation in Shiraz Hotel

Shiraz hotel scattered in different neighborhoods, but a number of its regions are known to have the best hotels in the city. Also, areas such as Maaliabad, Falakeh Gaz, Karim Khan Zand Boulevard, Afifabad and Chamran Street in Shiraz are famous and beautiful streets that are good options for booking Shiraz hotel. Maaliabad is a quiet and beautiful area in the northwest of Shiraz, and its recreational and recreational facilities make it one of the most famous neighborhoods in Shiraz. Shiraz Hotel

Moreover, Eram district, known as Eram Boulevard, is both pathable and full of restaurants and entertainment centers. Also,  Afifabad Street is also one of the most famous areas of Shiraz and due to its convenient access, many hotels have been built in it. Besides, Chamran Street in Shiraz is also known as Youth Street and is full of various hotels and entertainment centers.

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Access routes from Shiraz Airport to the city center

To go to downtown Shiraz from Shahid Dastgheib Airport, you can use vehicles such as taxis and subways. Also, the distance from the airport to the city center is 13.6 km, which takes approximately 30 minutes to travel by car.Besides, if you plan to take the metro, you can take line 1 and get off at Ayatollah Dastgheib station. Shiraz Hotel


Simultaneous booking of Shiraz Hotel and flights

Among the facilities that Iran Destination has considered for its dear passengers is the possibility of simultaneous booking of flights and hotels using online booking services. To do this, when booking a hotel on the Eli Gasht site, select the option of flight + hotel and click on it and transfer to the desired page, make your travel tour and in addition to determining the exact date of the trip, flight time and travel time, also buy the facilities for the CIP service of Imam Khomeini Airport.


From €10.49 per Night in Shiraz hotel

Celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for over 2000 years, Shiraz is renowned for its wine, poetry, education, and nightingales.  Besides, the city was once the capital of Iran during the Zand Dynasty (AD 1747 – 79), when many of Shiraz’s astounding buildings were built or restored.

Moreover, every corner you turn offers another surprise, a peek into Shiraz’s mystique and ancient culture. Besides, convinced Shiraz is on your bucket list but you don’t know where to stay? Check out my top 10 luxury hotels in Shiraz.  You can book Shiraz hotels online easily with 1stQuest. Shiraz Hotel

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