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Iran rosewater festival

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About Iran rose water festival

The rose water festival is one of the most popular Iranian public celebrations, which causes many people to travel to rose water centers every year with the sole motive of attending the festival, and to witness the traditional methods of sweating. Rose is a very fragrant liquid that comes from a genus of roses. This aromatic liquid has food, medicine and religious uses in Iran and for these reasons, it is considered very valuable and dear and for this reason it is celebrated for its production. Archaeologists believe that Iranians have been cultivating dahlias since 7,000 years ago, and that they have been taking the sweat of this fragrant plant for a thousand years and using it for religious, food and medicinal purposes. Various regions in Iran, including Meymand Fars, Tehran, Semnan and Lalehzar Kerman, Dudangeh Mazandaran, etc. produce roses.

Rose water is also used in the perfume and pharmaceutical industries – especially skin and hair cosmetics. Usually, in May and June, the rose water festival is held in the areas where Mohammadi flowers are grown. Rose pickers pick the flowers before sunrise to make them fresher and produce thicker sweat. In special copper pots, distillation is performed in front of thousands of eager tourists and they explain the steps to the visitors with love, accuracy and patience, as if they will never get tired of repeating these explanations many times. Rose making festival is one of the most important seasonal tourism festivals in Iran.

Venues of iran rose water festival

  • Isfahan Province – Kashan – Niasar
  • Isfahan Province – Kashan – Ghamsar
  • Tehran Province – Tehran
  • Tehran Province – Tehran – Milad Tower
  • Fars Province – Meymand
  • Kerman Province – Bardsir
  • Semnan Province – Damghan
  • Mazandaran Province – Dudangeh
Iran rose water festival

Rose-picking festival

Visiting time

The timing of the rose-picking festival is directly related to the weather. If the hot season starts late, the rose-picking festival will be postponed, and if summer arrives early, the festival will be held earlier. Therefore, you should follow the local meteorological information and follow the news to know the time and place of the festival. Usually, from mid-May to mid-June, it is the time of holding rose-picking festivals in different cities. During this period, you can travel to the cities that host the festival and see the details of this ancient Iranian religion up close. This ceremony is held in all cities during the day and ends at sunset.

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Important note

The exact time of the rose-picking festival cannot be determined in advance. Every year, when the flowers are ready to be picked, the time of the festival is announced through the mass media and official news. In some places, the rose-picking festival is performed in just one day, and in others, including the cities around Kashan, it lasts about a month – the second half of May to the first half of June.

welfare amenities

The rose-picking festival is held in areas that have minimal amenities. So do not worry about charging the camera and cell phone or accessing the bathroom, parking and food facilities. There are restrictions on accommodation. Some cities hold rose-picking festivals in the villages where Mohammadi is grown, which often lacks adequate accommodation. In this case, you have to travel to the surrounding cities to spend the night in them in the morning. The cities of Ghamsar and Niasar, which are the main home of the Rose Festival, also have amenities for accommodation.

Time required

Rose picking is a time-consuming process, starting with picking the flowers from the garden and ending when the cooled rose is poured into jars. So you should set aside at least half a full day to watch the rose festival is very fragrant and joyful. Count on a full day, as there are side entertainments alongside the festival.

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Rose water festival

Safety Tips and Warnings

Although in recent years in many cities of Iran, the rose-picking festival is held simultaneously with the Kashan Rose-making Festival, but remember that the cradle of this ancient Iranian tradition are the cities of Niasar and Ghamsar Kashan, and the ceremonies that are held in these two cities are very It is more glorious than the rose-picking festival in other cities of Iran. Try to watch the ceremony in his hometown.

Another important point to keep in mind is the duration of the festival. In Ghamsar and Niasar, the rose-picking festival lasts from 3 to four weeks, and you can better plan your travel time. But in other rose-making centers, this time is short and often reduced to just one day. Keep in mind that pollen, bees and insects in flower gardens, and even the scent of flowers can be allergenic to some people. If you have previously had skin or respiratory problems due to allergies while in nature, it may be best to avoid attending a rose-picking festival or to seek help from special masks and anti-allergy medications.