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Abbasi House

The Abbasi House of Kashan is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture, which is on the list of national monuments of Iran. This historical house in the neighborhood of Sultan Amir Ahmad, Kashan, made is for English and several, such as passenger-Ray, before the revolution. Jaber Ben Hayan And what night has been used.

The special structure and the nesting rooms of this mansion are attractive to every tourist, especially the mirror of all the facades of Iranian architecture before you. In addition, this House witnesses the confluence of Iranian arts from painted plaster to carved stone fences and… You’ll be. All these unique features have made this structure nominated for the most beautiful architecture in Iran.

Abbasi House

Introducing the House of Abbasi Kashan

Abbasi house from the sights of Kashan is that of it as a masterpiece of Iranian architecture learn it. Therefore, between the domestic and foreign tourists arithmetic is famous. This historic house, from the monuments of the Qajar period is considered that in 20 year by Haji Mohammad Ibrahim. A businessman tile, from merchants famous Chinese and Crystal in Kashan made. And making it work from about the year 1245 Ah began. This large house with a area of 5,000 square meters and 7,000 square meters infrastructure, has five courtyards and five floors.

The Abbasid historical complex has five courtyards and a garden pit.  After the death of its primary owner, breaks down over time and becomes five independent houses.

Abbasi house

So far, four of these houses have been purchased and refurbished. Two houses have been preserved as a garden pit, a two-story house with a roofed courtyard and a house in the form of a traditional courtyard. The main difference between this house and houses such as Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi. It is that the type of building is as if it is protruding from the heart of the Earth, because the first floor is below the ground level.

The Abbasi House of Kashan surprises every viewer, unlike its nonverbal and simple entrance, in an interior with the peak of art and architecture. The house built in accordance with the warm and dry climate of the region, introverted and its area is so high that you may even lose your way when sightseeing. In addition, special attention paid to the functional details of the spaces, so that even an independent space is intended to hang meat so that the cat does not reach it.

The Abbasi house was registered in 1997 in the national monuments list and is currently covered by the Kashan municipality’s welfare and recreational organization, part of which belongs to Sohrab Sepehri Foundation.

This house, thanks to a traditional restaurant, can bring you happy moments. In addition, there are other facilities such as coffee shops, Kashan souvenir store, ice cream and syrup, weaving fabrics and carpeting and bathrooms.

Where is the Abbasi house in Kashan?

The Abbasi House is located in the city of Kashan. And you can find it on Alavi Street, Sultan Amir Ahmad koi. Due to the epidemic of the corona and the possibility of closing this spectacular attraction. Be sure to make sure that it is open before you go.

Naming the Abbasi House

One of the interesting things about the Abbasid House is its naming story. As we said, the House has five courtyards with a unique architecture, each of which has its own name. The inner part of the oven, the outer part of the Abbasid, the Pond section Haqqani, the garden of the house and the crew section called Abbasi.

Analysis of Kashan Abbasi House

The diversity and multiplicity of Abbasid house spaces not comparable to any other House. And even the quality of these spaces is somewhat different from other houses. And to be against the destruction of resistant resources.

The presence of Pond, Tree and plant surfaces in the courtyards of the Abbasid House are the most important factors of moisture in the House. In addition, the rooms built around the courtyards are resistant to wind and sandstorms and cold winter winds of desert areas.

However, the main features of the architecture of the Abbasi house referred to as garden pit, flip, seasonal diversity, veiled architecture. And introspective architecture, which we will give a brief explanation on.

Seasonal variation:

for this mansion parts summer and winter considered and so on.  Fits with the situation weather every season, from certain parts of the set were used.


the flipping of this building is also attractive in its kind. In fact, if a hypothetical line drawn in the middle of each side of the house. In addition, the sides of it are completely flipping.

Architecture masked or veiled:

when entering the Abbasi house, you see that the religious issues in the architecture of this house has been met. And in addition two parts, inner and outer etc. Also, there are rooms multiple nesting, etc.  The Wall, the veil in the round roof to be a neighbor to the inside of the building did not, the breakdown location, ladies and gentlemen, in the rooms. All certificates are on this issue.

This rhizbini considered even from the entrance to the house. And by embedding percussion with a different voice for the entrance. The gender of the people determined for the residents of the House. The reason for this because Kashan known as Dar Al-momenin from the past. And basically Qajar era architecture a religious architecture.

Architecture introvert:

old buildings, including the Abbasid house, from the simple with the decorations very least, entitled. But when you step inside them, for example, is very magnificent and beautiful look.

Pit garden:

the House of Abbasi is below the alley level. Also, it calls the architectural style “pit garden”. The application of such a method was to make the mansion access to the aqueduct easier. And have the necessary pressure water. In addition, they could use the excavation soil to prepare bricks and save money. Because of the homogeneity of materials with the soil adjacent to the building. Also, this method also resulted in greater strength of the building. Building insulation against heat and cold is another advantage of this method.

Abbasi House

Various parts of Kashan Abbasi House

Input and vestibule

Before entering the Abbasi House, this is a simple exterior view that amazes you, so that you do not believe that there is a historic house in this place.

Initially, you enter a vessel with platforms to relax passengers and waiters next to it. Also, you notice its slope. It indicates that the House level is below the street. And this slope helps to gradually change the height. This beautiful and roofed vestibule destroys the view directly from the alley into the building, and on the one hand leads to the crew and on the other hand into the building.

After that, you must cross the steep corridor called the hijab corridor to reach the vestibular and large. These corridors also eliminate direct visibility into the building, and since it is long, people do not notice a decrease in the height of the Earth’s surface. One of the advantages of this larger vestibule is its use as a temporary stable for people who did not intend to enter the mansion. For this purpose, there was a place for animal fodder. And stairs with low altitude for ease of movement of livestock.  Further, This vestibule built on the exterior, inner and lower floors.

Outer part

The exterior includes the upper floors used for temporary accommodation of passengers, commercial guests and relatives. Meanwhile, the landlord’s work rooms were also located in this section. The outer part composed of different parts such as mirror room, large headroom, spring porch, Mirror Rooms, small headroom and central room. Parts of the lower floors are also part of the exterior.

King’s room

The King’s rooms decorated with many decorations such as mirrors, plasterboard, colored windows. The most luxurious rooms were in the old houses. Mirror-working beauty, nurtured and Shamseh Central in the ceiling of this room, there is not only a special beauty. Also, it waived, but during the night with being light lights, etc. part of the lighting, the rooms provide a cure. Also it is the reflection of light creates a virtual skies on the ceiling.

The doors “sash”, another decoration of the King’s room is vertically opened and closed, and the upper part of them is double glazed. Since the King’s room was used for reception of special guests and special ceremonies such as weddings, it was also called the bride’s room.

Ivan spring

Avon spring, as the name Cemetery, in mild seasons used. And clarity can flip to in this Section, see the … this if with an imaginary line it up into two parts for. the parties, porch, fully symmetric and are similar. However, the neighboring land, back, side, right. Also, it is because the terrain of the episode qanasi there. Moreover, the architect tried with the original flip, this flaw to cover, and the two funds is quite similar to the spark.