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Uraman Takht village

Why Uraman Takht Village? village as Tourist Attraction in Kurdestan with Specific architecture derived from the geographical conditions of the village, The special ritual of Pir Shalayar, performed annually in two seasons, in the spring and winter, rich culture, the local costumes of people living in this area, along with other features has brought Uraman’s name to a world renown.

Uraman Takht is one of the historical villages of Iran and is located in Sarvabad County, sixty kilometers southeast of Marivan, one hundred and seventy kilometers of Sanandaj and Kurdistan. Located one thousand and five hundred kilometers higher than sea level, Uraman Takht Village can be seen in the foothills of Zagros, Shaho and Kosalan Mountains. It is fed by Sirvan, and Lileh rivers and Bil and Hanodgah Water Springs. This land is the habitat of Hurami people.

Today Uraman Takht is a rural district. It is connected to Dezli and Kosalan from the north, Kurdistan Province and Paveh County from the west and south, and Razab and Shaliyar County from the east. Uraman Takht is formed by the villages of Sarpir, Kaleh, Roudbar, Belber, Zhivar, Nav, Nevin, and Lehon. According to the archeological researches, the history of the people of Uraman goes back to forty thousand years ago to the Neolithic period.

Two historical contracts that belong to the Parthian Empire written in Pahlavi writing system on animal skin have been discovered in Uraman Takht. Another document found there was a trade contract of a vine garden. It  discovered in a cave in Zhavarvad. Just like the other contracts, it written in Pahlavi writing system on animal skin.

Uraman Takht Village


Uraman Takht Village:

Consequently, The architectural style of Uraman Takht was inspired by the step structure of the foothill. It is made in Pelekani style (it means that the rooftop of a series of the houses acts as the yard of other houses at their top). The houses of Uraman Takht made of stones, woods, and no kind of mortar used in their structure. Also, They occasionally have three or four stories. About one thousand and two hundred families and five thousand people live in Uraman Takht.

most importantly, Local people wear traditional clothes of Uraman Takht. Some forms of the handicrafts that are common are giveh, carpets, felts, jajims, mowj, wooden spoon and forks, baskets, music instruments, and wooden lattice windows. Helpreki is the name of a traditional dance.

There is a ceremony called Pir Shaliyar or Arouse Shaliyar that is held two times a year next to the house and tomb of Pir Shaliyar. However, During this ceremony, the local bread of Kelirehthe instrument of Daf played, and guests are there . Pir Shaliyar is one of the elders of Uraman and one of ninety-nine masters of Shaho. However, This ceremony is a symbolical celebration of the marriage of Pir Shaliyar and her wife, Bahat Khatun, who was the daughter of the ruler of Bokhara.

There are Some of the animals that inhabit Uraman Takht. Also, They are Caracal, goat, ram, brown bear, tiger, vulture, bearded vulture, golden eagle, and partridge. Oak, pomegranate, vine and walnut trees grow in this site, as well.

Uraman takht village and house architecture

consequently, The village’s staircase architecture is one of the coolest attractions. The Uraman Takht village is on a steep slope facing the northern edge of the Uramanat Mountains and has a compact and dense texture.

The Uraman takht village call a thousand Masuleh. Because its architecture is like Masouleh. The courtyard of every roof house is another house, but more spacious.

In the construction of the staircase villages, in addition to observing the necessary resistance in the steep slope, the roof of some of the houses has become higher in the courtyard of the house.

Above all, The village of uruman, according to archaeological reports, estimated to be between 40,000 to 12,000 years ago. These discovered works, often found near the Hajij Village, the Navarre, and the Springs, include the stone tools of the first cavemen and even the bones of the hunted animals, most of which belong to the goosebone. Also, the remains of the stoves in the caves have been discovered. moreover, The works found are related to the Paleolithic period.

Clothing Of Uraman people

Kurdish clothing is a mixture of colors and roles. The clothes of the Uraman people are Kurdish. Before the arrival of foreign textiles and other domestic textiles in Kurdistan, most of the fabric and footwear needed were woven and made by local weavers.

Meanwhile Uraman has long been a nominee for original Kurdish music in Kurdistan province. In addition, Music and dance among the people of this village have a special place in which most of the people in the village sing for the sake of daily routines under the “chamane” lips.

If you walk a bit in the village of uruman, you will see that a large part of it is surrounded by high mountains and snow-covered mountains. Further, As you go downhill and reach the slopes, the vegetation becomes green, and by and large massive forests emerge.

Uraman Takht Address

Meanwhile, Uraman Takht village is located in the southeastern part of Marivan city, in the province of Kurdistan.

The Occupation of People

Farming, gardening, and animal husbandry is the occupation of people in Uraman Takht. Also, women are wife house and help their husbands in Giveh-Douzi and spinning. Giveh is a kind of handwoven shoe. It use in the rural and mountainous districts. Moreover, the equivalent of Douzi in English is sewing. Also, The construction of metal tools, wooden doors, and windows are the other occupations in the village.

Uraman Takht VillageCostume of Uraman Takht

Certainly, Kurdish cloth is the costume of this village. Also, Men wear a long cloth. It call zown with a headdress as serwin and use giveh as a shoes. Also, women wear long dresses with a scarf around a small hat.

Pir Shalyar

Pir Shalyar was a famous man in Uraman Takht which was the son of a Zoroaster Magi. He worked different miracles. Therefore, Pir Shalyar would get married to the daughter of the king of Bukhara if he could cure his daughter, who was a deaf-mute. He cured his daughter then married to her. Currently, local people celebrate the wedding anniversary of him as the Pir Shalyar Ceremony on the 4the of February.

What is the best time to go?

Meanwhile Kurdistan province is on the west side of Iran with a mountainous climate. If you want to visit Uraman Takht, travel from early May until early October.

Getting there?

The address of there is Uraman Village, Marivan city, Kurdistan Province, Iran. It locates 75 kilometers Marivan and 50 kilometers from Sarvabad. You can reach there, Trough Mountains and green plains. Irandestination can arrange Uraman tour for travelers to enjoy it.

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