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Aladaghlar Mountain

Aladaghlar Mountain is one of the most amazing nature phenomenon in Iran. Also, it called Aladaghlar Mountains or Rainbow mountains which is in Zanjan province. Besides, as you are walking around the incredible hills you may think that you are living in another planet.Moreover, the Aladaglar is the Azari Turkish name of the rainbow-like mountains and hills in the East-Azerbaijan province.

In addition, people who are enthusiasts in a spectacular and delightful phenomenal mountains can enjoy nature for photography. Furthermore, we highly recommend Aladaghlar Mountain to take a road trip to Tabriz to experience these parts of the world.

Moreover, this journey starts, when you explore through these breathtaking, colorful mountains on foot. Besides, these landscapes are so rare and weird that giving the hallucination of being on another planet. Also, the landscape begins to switch step by step all along the road. Then, by passing the city of Tabriz, an eye-catching mountain chain of the Aladaglar appears painted with hues of copper, red, yellow, green and orange.

In addition, from forests, lakes and hot springs to deserts, canyons and caves, Iran has a bit of nature for everyone. Read on the find out more about these breathtaking rainbow-like mountains and hills.

Aladaghlar Mountain , Iran

Location of Aladaghlar Mountains

‘’Ala’’ in Azeri Turkish language means colorful and ‘’Dag’’ means mountain. Also, Aladaglar Mountains and hills located into the northwest of Iran, 25 kilometers in the north east of Tabriz between Ahar and Khajeh. Besides, the distance between Tehran to the Aladaglar Mountains is about 630 kilometers and takes approximately 7 hours via Qazvin-Zanjan road, Zanjan-Tabriz road, and Tabriz-Ahar road.

Zanjan, Iran , Aladaghlar mountain

Similarities on the earth

Here are some other places around the world that has some similarities with Aladaghlar Mountains. So, you can visit these dazzling painted mountains such as Zhangye National Geopark in China and Ausangate mountains in Peru. Besides, the amazing Aladaglar Mountains also share names with a mountain range in Turkey called Aladaglar and shouldn’t be confused. Moreover, The Mountains in China are the results millions of years of minerals and sandstone being pressed together and oxidized.

Consequently, this is likely what happened elsewhere in the world, too, making these phenomenal mountains look like giant layer cakes. Also, you should notice that each part of Aladaghlar Mountains has a unique form and color and type of stones are different.

Unfortunately, many tourists travel to Iran unaware of this natural beauty, but nature photography enthusiasts and visitors in general should take a road trip to Tabriz to experience these trippy mountains for themselves and have an adventure off the beaten track.

So, this article try to make all the tourist aware of such a phenomenon. Besides,

In order to have the best opportunity to capture the colors, summer is the best season to get to the Aladaglar colorful mountains when the sun shines with the straight angle to get a maximum glow.



The existence of Aladaglar Mountains dates back to 15 million years ago. Also, there are a variety of colors in this attractive place containing Red, Copper, Brown, Yellow, White, Green and blue in beauty different spectrum and especially Red, Copper, and Yellow in hot weather. Moreover, the visual effect becomes even more stunning as the setting sun casts golden rays and a lacework of shadows across the landscape.

In addition, Aladaghlar Mountains can make such feeling that people are walking on the Mars by its magic on Mars.So, it’s so delightful to explore it on foot, capture the colors on film and discover hidden villages nearby. Also, the people living in this area have an old tradition of decorating their houses by the colorful soil near the traditional ceremonies like nowruz.

Best time to visit Aladaghlar Mountain

Summer is the best season to have the best opportunity and capture the colors; you can get the Aladaglar Mountains when the sun shines with a straight angle to get a maximum glow.

On the road of Aladaghlar Mountain, Zanjan, Iran

Beauties of Aladaghlar Mountain

You are probably familiar with Iran because of its old history, civilization, architecture, and many magnificent monuments such as stunning mosques, gardens, and bazaars.  In this article, we want to introduce one of the natural beauties of Iran that is Unknown.

Aladaghlar Mountain is one of the most unique and Fantastic Mountain which shows the visitors an exceptional view anybody have seen from the mountains which experienced up to now.  Also, it located Northeast of Tabriz and easy to reach by car. Besides, the area is quite large and not many foreign tourist. So, that is a great experience to see those colorful mountains, they were beautiful and in the road when you pass away you enjoy seeing those nice and very photogenic mountains.

In addition, the golden and copper colors of these mountains get a maximum glow when the Sun shines with the right angle. Also, these mountains provide a unique opportunity for eco-tourists who would like to do their own professional photography.


Nearby Sites

Aladaghlar Mountains with different colors are masterpieces of nature and Art of nature for painting the mountains is admirable. Also, there are lots of tourist and eco-tourists every year, that want to trip to Iran, nominate this place for taking fantastic photos because these Mountains provide a unique opportunity for professional photography. However, observe from afar is so enjoyable.

Besides, the geographical characteristics make this place unique.  For example: East Azerbaijan Province, where Tabriz is located, enjoys a cooler climate and varied topography including mountains, dormant volcanoes and glacial lakes.

In addition, these cultural and geographical differences start to become apparent on the road to Tabriz from central Iran. Passing the city of Zanjan. Besides, there are some traditional UNESCO sites that visitors can enjoy.

So, a good place to start would be the Dome of Soltaniyeh is a good place to start the visiting. Also, it’s a UNESCO-listed site with a glowing turquoise dome, before moving on to the numerous attractions of Zanjan.



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