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Through this Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, you’ll discover Iran and it’s nature.  If you intend to Travel to Iran, take a look at our Iran tour  . Following, read about Gahar lake, a lake which shines like diamond!

Gahar Lake is one of the most beautiful  places among Iran tourist attractions, located in the eastern part of Lurestan province, between the Zagros Mountains and Oshtoran Kuh valley.

Iran Destination, Gohar Lake

Iran Destination, Gahar Lake

Let’s know more about Gahar Lake

Interestingly, Gahar Lake is one of the Iranian permanent lakes with a total area of 107 hectares with a height of 2400 meters above sea level that divided into two parts called the big Gahar and the small Gahar.

Since the access to the lake by car is impossible, however, this area is less discovered. Many tours to the Lake are often organized by travel agency in Iran.

Therefore, if you are interested in Iran ecotourism and visiting the natural attractions of Iran, we suggest you to visit this lake and do not miss it in the itinerary of your iran tour.

Gahar Lake

Gahar Lake

Furthermore, the lake is an appropriate habitat for aquatic and animal life and is considered as one of the most unique natural resources of Iran.

However, the main part of the Gahar Lake water is provided by the Tapleh River. Interestingly, the other part of  the Lake water is provided by several seasonal rivers. Despite the difficult route, a great number of tourists visit the lake every year and enjoy the pristine and natural landscapes of the area for a few days.

Iran Destination, Gohar Lake, winter time

Iran Destination, Gahar Lake, winter time

One of the most popular places for mountaineering enthusiasts is Gahar Lake. However, the lake located in the range of the Zagros Mountains, hence Mountaineering and trekking in the beautiful nature of this lake will be an unique experience for you.

Discover Gahar Lake by Iran Destination

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