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Iran Mall

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Iran Mall Complex, Iran, yours will not be only a shopping center, ” he said. here, you with the big city and of course, indoor, and you have outdoor recreation, diverse and attractive for visitors there. This is a great project although it continues to develop and completed but most of its parts are exploited and prepared and can go to see it.

Design and construction of Iran mall project

Here you are facing a big city. A city that has borrowed all its spaces from beautiful and original Iranian architecture. From the design of the garden of shazdeh Mahan Kerman to the Hall of mirrors and the old indoor markets, an example of all of them was seen in the Iranian mall. This large international shopping center is designed not only for shopping, but also can be done in it, diverse and attractive recreations.

The opening of the mosque of Iran mall project held in May 2018 and at the same time as the annoyance of Imam Zaman (AJ) and the half of Sha’ban.

The construction of the Iran mal Tehran complex has begun since 2011 and is still being completed. It said that the continuation of this massive project will be completed and opened in 3 years. The purpose of this shopping center is to attract more foreign tourists and prevent foreign currency from leaving Iran.

The future bank was the main investor of the project and said to have spent more than 22 thousand billion tomans of funds for it. Iran’s large market is a public company and after full operation of the boardwalk Stock Exchange in the country.

Iran mall

the largest shopping center in the Middle East

If you are thinking about walking through the world’s major shopping centers, or if your heart wants a lot of fun together, our suggestion from now on is to go to Tehran’s massive Iranian-owned complex. Have fun on the ice and skating ground or spend your time in the library and its restaurants.

Do you know that if you have only 5 minutes to see any Iranian shop in Tehran, see all this collection, 3 days will be necessary!

Iran mall Tehran shopping center in a space as much as 32 hectares built this area, the total total shopping center Dubai Mall and commercial center of China is also larger. In this complex, 186 thousand square meters allocated to the commercial sector. The commercial segment of the mall is also larger than the Trafford Center, England, and the United States.

Where are the sights of the Iran mall shopping center?

In this great entertainment project, several sections considered every recreation that you think will found inside the Iranian mall passage. From the Great Mosque, etc. a variety of garden and library, the magnificent ranging collection of movies. exhibition., The Sports, the cinema, the city of the game, a variety of restaurants and luxury hotels, whatever that people may have for a fun and circulation friend have here have provided.

Persian Garden, an example of shazdeh Mahan garden of Kerman

The most central atmosphere of Iran is Tehran’s garden, which has been the design pattern of shazdeh Mahan garden. In this promenade, take a stroll or sit a little. There are various restaurants, benches and chairs and you can order the best meals and snacks. The garden has two glass entrances that connected to the lake and water of Iran mall. The material used in the ceiling is such that enough light to reach the trees inside the garden.

mosque, jeweled ring Grand Bazaar

The name of the mosque built in the complex of Iran, Tehran, the Jame Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad Rasool Allah, which has 110 Chapel halls. Anywhere in Iran, you can get to one of the chapels during prayer. Its area is 1200 square meters and some of its decorations designed inspired by al-Nabi mosque. 5. its dome is similar to the dome of hafezieh Shiraz. 40 chapels built in different parts of the Grand Bazaar to provide easy access to them during prayer.

 library, best location for photography

The Iranian library space of Tehran now inaugurated and you can go here to study or watch. The design of the space inside the Jandy Shapur library with its extraordinary and special architecture gives a very interesting sense to the audience. Most tourists have said that because of its unique architecture, you do not feel like sitting in Iranian libraries. Even some of the space within it with the library of Hogwarts Harry Potter books. And what a great collection and shelves for books to the library serial Game Of Thrones comparisons have been. This analogy, although exaggerated, but represents the magnitude of the Iranian library of Tehran. The library area is 3 thousand cubic meters and the number of books will be 67 thousand volumes.

Of course, it is necessary to say that due to the very complex visitors this place is not suitable for study and concentration. For a little more fun, you can order a drink in the café of Kenj library. In the meantime, when visiting, do not forget to watch the very large and beautiful handmade carpet under your feet.

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Visit Garden, a symbol of central cities of Iran

Remember the architecture of Iranian Gardens. Iranian gardens known for their fountains and the design of vegetable spaces. However, the trees that planted in this garden, indoor, palm trees and sometimes reminds you of areas south of Iran or the Middle East. This lush atmosphere is suitable for relaxing Iranian families and tourists and you can use this space for hours.

The roof of the garden is 14 meters high and decorated with Californian palm trees. The garden area is 3 thousand square meters and is next to commercial shops. Among them, the coffee shop considered a pleasant atmosphere for sitting.

Traditional market, timcheh Haj Ali Akbar in Iran mall

Your imagination of modern and modern shopping center has changed a little. And expect the attractive and spectacular spaces of our predecessors. In the design of the great Iranian market tried to use all elements of Iranian architecture. In the meantime, the position of traditional and indoor Iranian markets should not forget.

You will find all Iranian souvenirs, products and crafts in this traditional market. You can find various shops selling carpets, dried fruits, handicrafts, antiques and many more in four traditional markets. The market has two perpendicular passes, each corner of which is addressed to a specific location. Turquoise exhibition (Iranian Art – Industry Hall), Emerald exhibition (carpet sale), Onyx exhibition (Iranian antiques), diamond exhibition (souvenir of all cities of the country) can be seen. Of course, we must say that all the goods are very very exquisite and have a great price.

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Nations Restaurant Garden complex, diversity in the big market

As the name suggests, space, restaurants, depending on the type of food that Cedar can be. Deco and design, and views on interesting, notwithstanding that should say design all of these spaces and cheesy. Trying to find all the tastes of their favorite food in the collection, and of course, foreign tourists can also use restaurants. Each restaurant similar to the streets of the country that serves its food designed to shape the spectacular atmosphere. Meanwhile, we have been trying to provide complete facilities for families who are visiting with their children.

Mirror Hall, an example of the Hall of Parliament

When you enter this part of Tehran, You seem to have entered the palaces and museums of Tehran. The museum that in the old buildings. And the design of the ancient Iranians in buildings such as House of Borujerdi and Tabatabai xHamster mansion Golestan, Saadabad and the Sultan, the owner of what made Gary effects work. These views are reconstructed in these two parts and by visiting the Hall of the mirror or its traditional market, you seem to enter the old urban spaces.

Above all, Mirror Hall which is actually part of the traditional market designed for hosting of special guests. To decorate it more than 38 million (yes 38 million) pieces of Mirror used. And a space of 200 square meters covered with mirrors. Its exquisite carpet is 126 meters wide and woven in Neyshabur and doubles the beauty of the Hall.