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From lakes, forests, hot springs to deserts and valleys and caves, the diversity of Iran’s nature is so great that it attracts any tourist with any taste. One of the most beautiful natural wonders of Iran that tourists usually pass by, are the colorful and spectacular Aladaglar mountains iran. The scenery of these hills is so amazing. You may imagine for a moment that you are walking on another planet. These natural wonders are located 25 km northeast of Tabriz in the city of Mahneshan in Zanjan province. The city of Tabriz is located in the northwestern corner of Iran. Due to this geographical location, it is somewhat different from other parts of Iran. The first and most obvious difference can be seen in the local language of the people who speak Azeri Turkish. Local people are not interested in using Persian language.


About Tabriz

Another factor that makes Tabriz unique is its geography. Tabriz is located in the province of East Azerbaijan and as a result has a cooler climate. Its diverse topography includes mountains, dormant volcanoes, and glacial lakes. This cultural and geographical difference is evident from the same road from the center of Iran to Tabriz. After crossing Zanjan, there are 8 interesting mountain ranges in red, green, orange and yellow. This work of art, created by Mother Nature, is called the colorful mountains of Aladaglar. However, it should not be confused with the mountain range of the same name in Turkey.

About Zanjan

On your trip when you reach Zanjan, you can go to see the dome of Soltanieh. This beautiful dome is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then visit the sights of Zanjan. Then head northwest. Near the city of Bostanabad and about 60 km outside of Tabriz, a stunningly beautiful view of the Aladaglar Mountains begins. And it amazes you.

More about Aladaglar mountains iran

Ala in Turkish means colorful and Dag also means mountain. These natural wonders are located 25 km northeast of Tabriz in the city of Mahneshan. Their highest point is Mount Belqeys, which is located 3300 meters above sea level. Their area is about 70 square kilometers. Due to their color, especially copper and yellow, these mountains are suitable subjects for nature photography in conditions of suitable light and hot weather. There are probably several mountains in the world like this and it is very possible that they will be registered worldwide. Some times, water flows through these mountains, and the sunlight in these waterways reflects the mountains in the water. In such situations, you can see the most amazing images of nature.

Aladaghlar mountains iran

Rainbow mountains

The impact of colors on the lives of local people

The people of the region have long witnessed the unique beauty of these mountains. This is an impact factor
The transition has been on their traditions and culture. This has often been the responsibility of women. Red was mostly for representing Nowruz. To do this, they mixed the soil with water and used a thin layer of the mixture on the inner wall of their house to celebrate Nowruz. Traces of this tradition still remain among the people today. Brick houses can be found in some of its villages, which are beautifully decorated with this soil.

Visiting Aladaglar

Travelers who cross this route during the day can enjoy the view of the mountains as if painted by hand. Capture this amazing scene with your camera. Of course, the suggestion of Iran Destination is not to watch it while passing by and spend a few hours watching it. You can visit the Aladaglar mountains iran all year round. Of course, you will encounter special effects at any time. Because these mountains find a special color in the sun. Also, in autumn and winter with rain and snow, they will offer you a different image.

Aladaghlar mountains iran

Visiting Aladaghlar mountains iran

The reason for the color of Aladaglar mountains iran

Mahneshan city is full of minerals. This factor has led to the construction of a large number of factories with mining activities in it. According to geologists, the cause of this beautiful phenomenon dates back to 15 million years ago. In the process of forming mountains and continental basins of this region, there were iron sediments. The change of solutes and their type in the color of the sediments has stabilized and caused the formation of Aladaglar mountains iran or rainbow mountains. In fact, it can be said that each of its colors indicates a specific mineral. For example, green indicates the presence of the mineral copper, which is seen due to the carbonation of this species. Their red color indicates oxidant conditions and abundance of oxygen in order to combine with oxygen.

Location of Aladaglar mountains iran or rainbow mountains

Aladaglar hills are located 25 km northeast of Tabriz on the route of Khajeh city and Miyaneh-Zanjan highway. These mountains are located in the area of ​​Mahneshan city, which is one of the tourist attractions of Iran. Along these colorful mountains are villages and areas that know these mountains well and describe them in their local language. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this beautiful Aladaglar mountains iran. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Last point for Aladaglar mauntains iran

Unfortunately, Aladaglar and other attractions of this region, despite their extraordinary attractiveness, are unknown to most of our people and foreign tourists. Few people had the chance to visit them. Another problem of tourism in the region is the lack of sufficient capacity and facilities for people who intend to stay in the area. Investing in this issue, despite creating prosperity for tourists, can become a good source of income for its residents. If you are planning to visit Mahneshan, you can stay in accommodation and hotels in nearby cities. Just be careful not to harm nature and keep it safe for the future.