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About Savadkooh

Savadkooh is one of the eastern cities of Mazandaran Province. The city is located at the confluence of three provinces of Mazandaran, Semnan and Tehran. The best way to get access to the city of savadkooh is to drive on firuzkooh road. consequently, You get to the city by choosing firuzkooh road after about three hours of driving.

There are plenty of options before you to choose when to travel to savadkooh. savadkooh has beautiful options for facing every season of the year. But, because of the height of the city and its location in the foothills of Mazandaran province, it is better not to think about traveling to the mountain to enjoy all its sights in the winter.

Sights of savadkooh

If you’ve ever chosen Chalous road to travel to Mazandaran, it’s time to reconsider your choice. True, the nature of the Chalous road is unsurpassed, but you must once choose the firuzkooh road to get acquainted with the new angles of Mazandaran. After, reaching veresk, a range of spectacular savadkooh city is ahead of you, which will be briefly introduced to you.

Veresk bridge

The first place to visit after reaching Savadkooh is the Veresk bridge. This bridge has a great historical value while having a beautiful natural landscape. consequently, The Veresk bridge connects two mountains and is about 61 meters high. In World War II, the bridge has played a very important role in the victory of the Allied Corps and the defeat of Germany in Russia. The importance of this bridge is as far as the Allied front countries call it the Victory Bridge.
How do we get to the Veresk bridge?

Just drive from firuzkooh road to Mazandaran. consequently, In the third end of the road and 45 km undersea, you will find the Veresk bridge.

Sorkh Abad church

A little ahead of the Versek bridge, in the middle of the White Bridge route to the village of Sorkh Abad. Here you can find a church known among the locals as the Catholic Church or the German church. There are famous quotes that Italian engineers and builders of the Veresk bridge built this church during the construction of the bridge so that they can pray and prayers.

The Sorkh Abad is also known as the smallest church in the world. Of course, unfortunately, the cultural heritage organization by closing the church door has made it possible to prevent tourists from entering the church. But seeing the church’s view in the middle of the route is not unpleasant.
How do we get to the Red Church?

Exactly in the middle of Veresk route to the White Bridge to the village of Sorkh Abad. In the upper part of Sorkh Abad and next to a small barbecue, you can find the church.

Veresk falls

One of the sights of Savadkooh which you should not miss is the seasonal waterfall of veresk. This beautiful waterfall, originating from the fountain of Ali, flows seasonally. The height of the veresk waterfall reaches about twenty meters. The waterfall flows from early May to late summer and is the best time to visit it this season.

How to get to veresk falls?

Take yourself to the village of veresk from firuzkooh road. After reaching the village, you will reach the waterfall trail after about a few minutes. After two kilometers, it reached the waterfall.

Shormast Lake

After passing through the village of veresk, you will go on a path that reaches the lake of shormast. Passing through that path means entering a colorful and wonderful world of beautiful nature of the mountain. Undoubtedly, shormast Lake is one of the most beautiful sights of savadkooh.

This beautiful area adjacent to the beech forests is one of the most famous attractions of savadkooh. You can ride a horse, ride a bike or use the swings around the lake. Walking around the lake and camping in its vicinity will bring you a pleasant and pleasant experience. A business you will never forget. subsequently, Except for winter, salty is spectacular and beautiful in all seasons of the year.

How do we get to salty lake?

On the way to firuzkooh road, you will reach the gas station before reaching the city of savadkooh. After the left hand petrol station, you will see the road sign of shormast Lake. After crossing the dirt path of the road, you will reach the lake.

savadkoohRocky rush forest

Rush forest, around the village of sangdeh is one of the sights of the mountain, which must be seen. Beech tree that grows at high altitudes of two thousand meters and around the village of Rocky is favorable conditions for growing beech tree.

Above all, Forest Beech has a remarkable beauty. The colors you can see in the beech forest in the fall are amazing. Apart from spring and summer, I recommend that you visit the beech forest in autumn. subsequently, In mid-Azar, the combination of snow on the ground with red and golden leaves is so spectacular and astounding that your eyes will not believe all the beauty. It should be noted that because of the High height of the beech forest, be sure to travel there with warm clothes. Even in summer you will sometimes need warm clothes.

How do we get to the Rocky beech forest?

After the passage of veresk and along the White Bridge to savadkooh, before the gas station on the right side of the road you will hit the sign of the village of sangdeh. The path continues until the top and after about half an hour drive to the village of sangdah. At the end of the village, you will find the beech forest.

savadkoohUrim forest zone, Palang Valley and Helidar

The forest area of Urim is a bungalow and well-climate area that is recommended to escape the summer heat. The area, which is often foggy and cloudy, has a very beautiful landscape around. however, You can find many forest areas around the mountain, all of which are capable of getting intelligence out of your head. Forest Palang dare and helidar are also other forest areas similar to the Urim area that you can enjoy seeing them.

Arfa Kooh

Arfa Kooh is another spectacular countryside in savadkooh, located thirty kilometers from the White Bridge. This beautiful mountain that enters the clouds, including the favorite destinations of climbers and tourists. however, The beautiful trail of scrolling and its combination with fog has made the mountain Arfa to become one of the most beautiful mountains of savadkooh. Also, This area has a beautiful waterfall and springs, which is not unpleasant to see. So, If mountaineering is your favorite hobby and has not been eaten by the name of Arfa mountain, gather your Bag to go one of the most beautiful climbs of your life!

How to get to the mountain?

Drive from Firuz Mountain Road towards white bridge. After the White Bridge and passing through the petrol station, it reached the desired location panel. With a little drive upwards,you will reach the mountain Arfa.
Your ass.

Savadkooh, Alasht in the mountain literacy

Many believe that alasht’s reputation is because the village was the birthplace of the first Pahlavi. But apart from this, you need to travel to alasht to find something beyond its historical value from this village. Therefore, Alasht is one of the most beautiful bungalow villages and sights of savadkooh.

Above all, This elevated area is distinguished by beautiful rural houses and beautiful landscape surrounding the rest of its similar villages. Fortunately, it has still preserved its traditional texture and is a valuable heritage of rural culture and traditions. Also, If your transition Falls, be sure to visit the Observatory of the village, which is one of the few observatories in northern Iran.

How do we get to your body?

Again the same path of Turquoise Mountain and the passage of the White Bridge! After the White Bridge, you will come to the dilemma where one side will take you to your arrest. subsequently, After 37 kilometers of driving, which takes about 45 minutes, you will be imprisoned.

Savadkooh, Shirgah

Meanwhile, Put aside all the imaginations you have from the dreamy Railways of European countries. We have a special offer for you. Its beautiful shirk and railway is the best option for surfing those who love railway background photography.

In addition to dense and pristine forests, the shirgah is one of the functions of the city of savadkooh, which is famous for its beautiful bridges and dream railway. Therefore, The simplicity and beauty of this small forest town surprises you.
Access to the camp

Also, You have to drive from firuzkooh road and cross the White Bridge towns underwater to get to the shirgah.

Savadkooh, Gozo falls

Meanwhile, If you put your hands on wherever north of Iran is located on the slopes of the mountains, you will find many waterfalls, each of which has a great view. Ironically, none of the two nature of these waterfalls are the same, and each of them has its own beauty.

Above all, One of the other spectacular waterfalls of the city of savadkooh, is the Gozo waterfall. The waterfall is located 15 km from the shirgah. The height of Gozo falls reaches 40 meters. Therefore, In the vicinity of this waterfall, there are blessed Imamzadeh and Bekaa who have given a spiritual and beautiful state to their surroundings. I recommend that you visit this place.

Savadkooh, Alborz dam

Alborz dam is one of the most spectacular dams in northern Iran. This dam is located on the border of Babol and savadkvh and in the forest area , built on the river babolsar.

The dam is responsible for providing drinking water in the cities of Babol, babolsar, Qaemshahr and jooybar. The location of the Alborz dam is exactly in the middle of the forests of the village of pashakla. Also, The area with dense and entangled trees has created a beautiful view around the dam.

subsequently, It is possible to visit the dam at all hours of the day and you can stir around the camp. consequently, Just do not forget that swimming behind the dam is a very dangerous task and it is better not to think about it.

How to get to Alborz dam and Gozo falls?

The easiest route to get to this domain is to choose the route to Babylon. Move from Babylon to Babylon and continue your way to the forest roads after reaching the rural area of shirdarkola. After, about half an hour drive to the Alborz dam. consequently, A little ahead of the Alborz dam, you will find the Gozo waterfall.

Important tips on traveling to sights of svadkooh

Be sure to wear warm clothes in the cooler seasons like spring and autumn, even late summer. The air is cool in many areas of savadkooh.
In forestry and mountaineering with yourself drinking water, dry food and shoes suitable for mountaineering and walking in the forest.
Try not to fire at all in the forest. Especially in the hot seasons of the year. consequently, In all forest areas, there are roads to light the fire. Try to use them.
Carry a garbage bag with you and do not leave waste in nature.
Respect the rural culture and traditions and the lifestyle of the people of each line and try not to make a difference in the rural texture.

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