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Maybod is one of the beautiful and historic cities of Yazd province. However, the historic buildings and texture of this city  attract many tourists to visit this city every year. Hence, in this article, some of Meybod Attractions introduced.


Meybod Attractions , Iran Destination Travel Agency

Narin Castle

The first one, Narin Castle is the most important monument of this ancient castle, built of large and large bricks. These bricks show the ages of the castle.  Moreover, This building belongs to the Sassanian period.


Meybod Caravanserai

The most important one, Meybod Caravanserai is one of the Safavid Caravansaries in Meybod. Furthermore,  Meybod’s Caravanserai was located on one of the most comprehensive road trips in Iran.

Pigeon Tower

Meybod Attractions: Pigeon Tower ,

Pigeon Tower

The next one, Pigeon Tower  used as a place to protect the birds and the bird’s manure at this place was used for agricultural purposes.

Jaame Mosque

Jaame Mosque

Maybod Jaame Mosque

The Maybod Mosque is a collection of several mosques. Its various parts include a central courtyard, a long porch, sidewalks (summer) and winter napkins (or gardens).

Mehrjerd Castle , Meybod

Meybod: Mehrjerd Castle

Mehrjard castle

Similarly, Mehrjard castle is a fortress belonging to Zandieh and Afshariyh periods.  However, the castle is made of mud and has 3 floors. The entrance of the castle is by wood.

Ice-house , Meybod

Ice-house , Meybod Attractions

Meybod Ice-house

The Historic Ice-house is the glacier of the Safavid era. The fridge consists of four main parts, including an ice rink, shady walls, a main chest and an icebox.

In the past, however, this building was used for the construction and maintenance of ice which represents the civilization of the people of this region.

Meybod Pottery Museum

Meybod Pottery Museum

Pottery Museum , Meybod Attractions

Similarly, The Pottery Museum is a specialized museum in the Abanbar complex of Haj Mohammad Ali, belonging to Qajar period. However, more than 100 pottery objects are kept in this museum relating to different periods such as old pottery and dishes.

Barchin Castle

Meybod Attractions , Iran Destination Travel Agency: Barchin Castle

Barchin Castle

Ultimately, the Barchin Castle is located in the village of Barchin in the east of Meybod. Anyway, this castle is built by Zoroastrian masters. It was used to seek refuge in situations of insecurity.

Chaparkhaneh , Meybod

Chaparkhaneh , Meybod Attractions

Chaparkhaneh; The Old Post Office

The Chaparkhaneh of Meybod is one of the most important harbor and old town centers in this city. However, the age of Chaparkhaneh dates back to Qajar era. This building is located along the ancient path of Rey-Kerman alongside Meybod’s Caravanserai.

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