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Iran travel expenses

The costs of traveling to Iran Travel are closely related to your lifestyle and the type of trip you have. Would you like to put your backpack on the shower and travel to Iran to see different lifestyles and cultures, or would you rather spend your honeymoon in the most luxurious hotels and tourist areas of Iran? Depending on your travel goals, your moods and personality traits have to pay different costs to travel to Iran.

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Keep in mind that if you buy a tour to travel to Iran, you will not be concerned about Iran’s costs and will pay all your expenses through the package you buy to the tour organizer. However, if you want to travel to Iran individually without attending the tour, it is better to stay with us until the end of this article. In general, the costs of traveling to Iran include:


Accommodation costs in Iran Travel

Staying in Hotels in Iran usually costs more. For example, you can never find a four-star hotel at a price below $100 per night per person. If you are looking for an inexpensive and safe residence, we offer you to stay in ecotourism houses. These houses are licensed and provide you with desirable welfare services. However, they cost less than a variety of hotels. Normally, you should consider about $10 to $30 per night of stay in Iran per person. This often includes breakfast and the Internet.

Of course, there are people who prefer to try Couchsurfing in Iran. If you know a family that wants to host you during your stay and you can coordinate with him for your trip, be sure to do so so that you can get to know the unique phenomenon that is called Iranian hosting culture and make the most beautiful memories for yourself on your trip to Iran. Keep in mind that no official entity is responsible for this style of travel for Iran and you should find the host family yourself. Iran Travel

iran travelShipping costs

Transportation in Iran is divided into two main categories: suburban transportation and urban transportation. The best option for suburban transportation and traveling from one city to another is the bus. There are two types of buses in Iran. Normal buses and VIP buses or specials. If you plan to travel a long distance by bus, we recommend you to use VIP buses. These buses have more facilities and their seats can be converted into beds. For shorter distances, regular buses seem more suitable due to their lower cost. Iran Travel

Many Tourists in Iran prefer to use airplanes to go from one city to another. Domestic flights are more expensive than bus transportation. For example, you have to pay $60 to $80 to fly from Tehran to Shiraz and $50 to $60 from Tehran to Isfahan. Keep in mind that in Iran, airfare prices fluctuate according to flight hours, service airlines as well as seasons.

Trains are also other options that you can use to go from one city to another in Iran. Trains are very comfortable to travel and their biggest advantage is having toilets as well as beds in compartments. The cost of the train is approximately equal to the VIP bus. Iran Travel


Food and food costs in Iran Travel

On average, you have to spend about $4 to $6 per meal. However, you may also find much cheaper foods. For example, you can eat samosa or falafel with half to a dollar. Keep in mind that tablecloths, which are traditional Iranian restaurants, cost more and you should consider about $30 to $40 per person for full service. For fast food, you also have to spend between $5 and $9.


Ticket fees for visiting tourist attractions

On average, you have to pay between $1 and $5 to visit any tourist attraction in Iran. Of course, there are also more expensive attractions that are very few. For example, you have to pay about $18 to visit Alisadr Cave. Keep in mind that some attractions can be visited for free in Iran. For Example, Khaju Bridge and thirty-three bridges in Isfahan or Amir Chamaq Square in Yazd or all traditional markets in all cities. Iran Travel

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Cost to buy souvenirs and memorials in Iran Travel

Iranians have a famous saying that no matter how much debt you pay, you eat as much as you eat. Accordingly, the more you spend on buying memorials and souvenirs from Iran, the more you can make a more original gift. At the very least, you can buy an Iranian memorial for about $10. In order to prepare high-end and expensive memorials such as a variety of gold and silver jewelry, as well as silk rugs and rugs, you have to spend a lot of money.


Unforeseen costs

Determining a budget for unforeseen expenses is one of the things you should consider a part in the financial planning of your trip. Unforeseen expenses include possible costs for taking medical care, the cost of watching a playhouse or attending a concert, the cost of providing gifts for a friend you might find in Iran, and so on. Consider a fee for these. Maybe $100 to $200 is a good amount. If you don’t pay this amount, it will go back to your pocket. Iran Travel

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Bring enough money

Iran is not connected to the global currency system. So you can’t count on your credit cards and your savings account. So there’s only one way to get the money you need. At Iran’s international airports, there is an exchange for converting your money. In addition, in all cities and some hotels, there are exchanges to convert your money into Iranian money.

(Currently, according to the Central Bank’s decree, exchangers are not allowed to buy and sell currencies) keep in mind that at Iran’s international airports, it is possible to have a tourist credit card for foreign guests. Three mellat, national and tourism banks are responsible for issuing tourism credit cards. These cards are connected to Iran’s national banking network and you can receive cash from all ATMs inside the country using your credit card. In fact, tourism credit cards are the perfect replacement for your cash. Tourism credit cards are rechargeable. Iran Travel

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