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A Trip to Iran by Train

It is believed that travelling by train is the safest mode of travel. So it is both cost-saving and safe to travel to Iran by train. Iran is a large country, having different cities, climates, sightseeing in each part. So, why not travel in Iran by train and enjoy the northern green hills to the central sandy deserts? Iran trains network connects far distances to each other and it accesses some parts not accessible by planes! If you like to travel in/to Iran by train, you should do the reservation as soon as possible. You can contact Iran Destination to do the reservation for you.

Here, Iran Destination writes about travelling to/in Iran by train and you can find any information you need about Iran railway. In case you have more questions, please feel free to ask.


Iran Railway Map

This vast country, Iran, has over 13,300 kilometers of railway, including side tracks, double tracks, electric track, etc. the main transport hub in Iran is Tehran, the capital of Iran, located in north of Iran. From late 19th century, Iranian people in northern to southern regions use railways for transportation. But nowadays the west and east parts of Iran are also gaining access to railway network. However, the east part is richer in trains and railways; Mashhad serves as the major hub in eastern regions. You can see Iran railway map below:

train Iran map- travel to Ian by train

train iran map- travel to Ian by train

Iran Train Types

Before you travel to/in Iran by train, take a look at the table below to get all about train types and their services. Of course not all these trains operate in all lines, but in most of the routes you can find a high quality train.

Iran train types- travel to Iran by train

Iran train types- travel to Iran by train


Iran Train Ticket Booking

If you have a tourist card (a debit card offered by select banks to tourists only), and of course if you can read Farsi, you can easily book a train in Iran through online official websites Raja and Safir Rail. But if you don’t know Persian, which is so normal, you can tell us and we can simply book a ticket for you. Just Contact Us.

Iran Train Timetable

to get a comprehensive timetable of Ian train, please visit our Iran Railway Page

Train Rules in Iran

Iran, like any other country in the world, has its own rules, regulations and laws. Here you can find some rules regarding Iran trains; you can read it not to get into any trouble when travelling in Iran by train.

  • Keep your train ticket with you for the entire ride. Children under 12 years old do not need tickets.


  • As Iran is an Islamic country and governed by Islamic rules, so you need to observe Iran dress code in any public place. But in case you are with your friends alone in a cabin, you can be relaxed.


  • Carrying up to 30 kilograms is allowed without having to pay for excess baggage. But bear in mind, each dimension of your baggage should be below 40 centromeres. If larger, it has to be checked.


  • Women and men can sit together on trains and long-distance buses. But usually men and women not related to each other do not sit together on trains. But don’t worry; you as a foreigner are exempt from harassment from the morality police

Iran by train


Bikes on trains

Iran is a big country, suitable for biking. But cyclists might want to traverse part of it off the bike. You can put your bike on a train in Iran, and also on a bus. Prices will be similar. On the train, your bike should be checked as cargo, and you need to pay separately.


Veresk Bridge- Iran by train

Veresk Bridge- Iran by train

Travel to Iran by Train from other countries

It is possible to travel to Iran by train from cities like London, Paris, or any other place in Europe. The route passes through ،Turkey, Tabriz and then reaches Tehran. From 18 June 2018, a weekly overnight train has been re-introduced from Van to Tabriz. So now it is possible to travel from Istanbul to Tehran by train, through the connections Istanbul- Ankara- Van- Tabriz- Tehran.  This route is almost 2900 kilometers.

But what exactly should you do to travel from Istanbul to Tehran?

  • Travel from Istanbul to Ankara.
  • Take the twice-weekly Van Gölü Expressfrom Ankara to Tatvan, which is at the western end of Lake Van
  • Take the ferry to Van at the eastern end. This ferry journey takes almost 4 hours.
  • Take the overnight train from Van to Tabriz.
  • Take the train from Tabriz to Iran’s capital, Tehran.

See Raja website for daily details of the trains.


Istanbul to Tehran
Van Depart 21:00 Tuesdays
Kapikoy (border) Arrive-depart 23:00 -00:30 Tuesdays/Wednesdays
Razi (border) Arrive-depart 2:10 – 3:40 Am. Wednesdays
Tabriz Arrive 7:25 Am. Wednesdays
Iran railway - Iran Train timetable

Iran railway

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