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Christmas holiday tour to iran

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Christmas in Iran

Like Christians around the world, Armenians and Assyrians in Iran prepare for the New Year in the last days of December and celebrate Christmas with special ceremonies. Christians in Iran, where more than 97% of the population is Muslim, are considered religious minorities. Iranian Christians are divided into Armenians and Assyrians, whose Christmas rituals are different. The Assyrians were a people who lived in the land of ancient Iran and converted to it from the beginning of Christianity, especially in the first to third centuries AD. They, like most Christians in the world, celebrate December 25 as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. Assyrian Christians observe a fast called 25 days from the 25th day of the birth of Christ and during this period they avoid eating meat and dairy products. After December 25, the Assyrians complete their fast and attend the Lord’s Supper by attending church.

They gather in the church and, by reciting the prayer and the Lord’s Supper, perform the ritual for the birthday of Jesus and visit with the same excuse. The Assyrian rite is that on December 25, people go to church to see and visit and congratulate the Assyrian clergy, and the next day, it is the clergy who visit their fellow worshipers.


Armenian Christmas

Christmas holiday tour to iran

Christmas in Tehran

Christmas holiday tour to iran

This holiday is becoming more and more popular in Iran, and many young Christians will start celebrating it from December 25th. Christmas trees decorated with red and green ribbons and gold boxes are displayed behind the windows of large shops and entrances or hotels in different parts of Tehran, including Christian areas. Decorated trees, along with images of the Virgin Mary, Yousef and Jesus the Infant, can also be seen in the shops on Mirzai Shirazi, Nejatollahi Streets in Tehran, where many Iranian Armenians live. Some Iranian Christians celebrate December 25th and January 1st as the New Year. Unlike countries where Christian celebrations are restricted to hotels where foreigners stay, there are no such restrictions in Tehran. Behind the glass of most shops, tracts are pasted announcing the time and place of the celebration and the performance of their live music, along with a color photograph of several young Armenians.

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On the night of January 1, the church bells ring to signal the beginning of the new year; At exactly 12 o’clock, at the beginning of the Christian Nowruz, Armenian families enter the churchyard in groups. But at midnight, the bells ring in the city, everyone is silent and looking at the sky. It is time to pray. The courtyard of the church is crowded, and in the area in front of the altar, priests and their young assistants are engaged in religious rites. The candles burn, the incense sticks smoke, and the followers of the “Lamb of God” kneel and weep. On the night of January 5, a very glorious ceremony is held in the churches.

Armenians have two main holidays, Christmas and the other is Easter, which is celebrated in the evening. New Year celebrations are held every year at midnight on January 1 in the largest and most beautiful church in Iran, the Vank Church located in the Armenian neighborhood of Julfa in Isfahan.

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Christmas in Julfa – Isfahan