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Persian Rosewater is a liquid fragrant extracted from rose. Rose is a native plant to Iran which its main origin and homeland is Iran. 

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Amazing Historical Facts About Persian Rosewater

According to the historical books which dates back to in the 8th and 9th centuries AD, rosewater was one of the most important trade items of Iran, that exported to India and China through Silk Road. Ibn Khaldun mentioned in his book “Al-Abra”, that the center of rose production was in Fars province. He states that in the 8th and 9th centuries AD part of the Persian tribute was 3,000 petals of rosewater, which were sent from Persia to the court of Abbasid caliphs.

Evidences show that Iranians are the first ethnic group to obtain distillate from rose, essential oil, and rose water. They transfer the technique to other parts of the world. Ibn Sina who is the world-known great Iranian scientist, achieved extensive research on distillation of essential oils.

Iran Rosewater , Iran Destination Travel Agency

Rose Extraction Custom

Rose Extraction is a ceremony that is holding every year in 8 provinces of Iran, mainly from the beginning of May to the end of June- based on weather conditions and climate.

The Rose Extraction ceremony in Iran begins in early May. In Meymand, the city which is 5 km southeast of Shiraz, the flower-picking ceremony every year starts due to the weather conditions.

Ghamsar’ Rose Festival is one of the most famous rose festivals in Iran, which attracts more than one million tourists annually. It’s good to know that 15,000 tons of rosewater is from Kashan’ workshops. Kashan is one of well-known cities that produce pure Rosewater.

Iran Rose Extraction , Iran Destination Travel Agency

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