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 Iran’ Honey

There are several facts and reasons about Iran’ Honey that why it is one of the bests. Actually for many people from all around the world there is a question that why Iran’ Honey is one of the best five-high quality honeys in the world.

Iran Nature

Iran Nature

Herbal Source of Iran

Iran is such country that benefits from all the herbal plants together because of its special climate and therefore for its all different natural elements; Mountains, Sea, Jungles and the desert.

The prominent areas in Iran producing the high quality honey are located basically on the foot of two main glorious mountains in Iran including Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Sareyn, Kurdistan, Lorestan and Fars province.

On the other hand, Iran’ herbal plants and flowers are the main  feed source of Iran’ Bumblebees which are massively expanded from the north mountains foot- Alborz Mountain– to the west and south west mountains- Zagros Mountain– of Iran.


Sabalan Mount

Honey Remedies

Many years ago honey was used in remedies for different health problems by traditional medicine. Even now a day, Honey is one of the best natural food and drug that you can find in the environment.

It contains almost all vitamins and many minerals such as vitamin B2, B6, iron, manganese, some amino acid and proteins that made it as a treatment of cold, cough, allergies, internal and external wounds.


Iran' Honey , Zagros Mountain

Iran’ Honey , Zagros Mountain

These days, Iran’ Honey with a so low price is exporting to all around the world as a high-quality product from Iran nature.

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