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What to eat in Iran as a Vegetarian?

Are you a vegetarian wishing to travel to Iran? You may think you have no choice to eat as a vegetarian in Iran, as Persian Food is usually famous for including meat. But this does not mean that vegetarians have nothing to eat in Iran. Here this Iran travel agent is going to provide you with a survival guide on Persian vegetarian food and which restaurants offer vegan-friendly food in Iran.


Persian Vegetarian Food

  1. Kashk-e Bademjan

If you are an eggplant lover, make sure you taste Persian eggplant-based foods. Kashk-e Bademjan is one of these Persian dishes which is made of eggplant with onion, garlic, walnut and whey sauce dip. You can find this Persian food mainly in all parts of Iran. But there is another Iranian dish which can be found mostly in north of Iran, called Mirza Qasemi. The ingredients are smokey eggplant, garlic, egg and tomato. If you are vegan, you can ask for an egg-free one.

Kashk-e Bamedjan - Persian vegetarian food

Kashk-e Bamedjan – Persian vegetarian food

  1. Falafel

One of the famous and popular street foods in Iran is Falafel. You can find it everywhere in Iran. Though it is not an expensive food, but it is so delicious that everyone tries to taste every now and then. Can you believe that you can have a tasty food for your dinner just for 50 cents?  Some of these Falafel shops provide self-service, so you can fill your sandwich as much as you like. Pickles are popular elements to put in Falafel sandwiches in Iran. So do not forget to try them.

Falafel - Persian Vegetarian food

Falafel – Persian Vegetarian food

  1. Aash or Aush

One of the most favorite Persian foods are different kinds of Aashes. Aash is a kind of Persian herbal soup, which is most delicious when you are sitting in a friendly environment. The most famous one is called Ash-e Reshte which you can find in every region of Iran. This Aash is made of Reshteh or Iranian noodles, kidney and cannellini beans, chickpeas, and special vegetables and herbs, served with special whey. So again if you are a vegan, ask for a whey-free one. But aside from Ash-e Reshte, some cities like Shiraz have other kinds of Aashes, like Vegetable Aash, mainly eaten for breakfast. If you visit Shiraz, do not forget to try this delicious and popular breakfast.

Ash Reshte - Persian vegetarian food

Ash Reshte – Persian vegetarian food

  1. Adas Polow

The main common food that Iranians eat is Rice. It can be cooked in two forms of Polow and Chelow. If vegetables or other ingredients are add to the rice, it is called polow. Adas polo is one of the samples which is made of rice, lentil and cinnamon, raisin, and sometimes walnuts. Here is what the writer suggests you to test with Adas Polow. Eat it with Shirazi Salad and you’ll never forget it.

Adas polo - Persian vegetarian food

Adas polo – Persian vegetarian food

  1. KouKou (Kuku)

This is something like a burger, but made for vegetarians. Persian Kookoo is made of potato, egg and sometimes mixed with herbs. This is another dish for you as a vegetarian. Just like Falafels, you can eat this food with pickles.

koko-Persian Vegetarian Food

koko-Persian Vegetarian Food

  1. Baghala Ghatogh

If you travel to north of Iran, make sure you try Baghala Ghatogh. Of course it can be found in other cities and mainly in the capital, Tehran. This Persian vegetarian food includes fava beans, dill and sometimes topped with an egg. But if you like, you can have it without egg. Rasht, which is known as the city of foods in Iran, is the best place to taste this Persian vegetarian food.

baghla-ghatogh-Persian vegetarian food

baghla-ghatogh-Persian vegetarian food

Vegetarian restaurant in Iran

The main vegetarian restaurants in Iran are located in the capital, Tehran. So here our Iran travel agency provides you with the names of some the famous vegetarian restaurants in Tehran:

Ananda, this restaurant offers Persian vegetarian food and other foods like Pasta, Pizza and sushi.

Banyan Tree, this has a peaceful atmosphere and offers special vegan dishes each day.

Zamin, the world Zamin means “earth” in Persian. So the name suggests how they value the environment. This is probably the only 100% vegan restaurant you can find in Tehran.


You may have any other questions about Iran, or Persian vegetarian food. So you can freely contact this travel agency in Iran and tell us whatever in your mind.

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