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Badab e Surt

Badab e Surt, The wonderland of Iran has an infinite number of offers for travel lovers. Ranging from the most ancient historical sites to the amazing natural wonders. Iran is a unique destination for all types of travelers.

Iran is not only an ancient civilization with plenty of historical sites, but it also has an abundance of natural wonders. A perfect day trip from Tehran, this natural beauty lets you witness geological rock formations that glow in the sunlight and dazzle the eyes. Grab your camera and head to the colorful stone terrace of it.

Badab in Farsi means gassed water (Bad means gas and Ab means water) and Surt was originally the name of the nearest village to the site. Nowadays, local people call it Orost and It is located 7 kilometers to the west of Badab e Surt.

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The Spring water of Badab e Surt:

The spring water is useful for treatment of back and leg pains, skin diseases, rheumatism, migraine headaches. The second spring, located in upstream and northwest of these springs. It is tart, red and orange and brings the iron oxide from the depth of the rocks to the ground. Sedimentary and mineral water flow of these springs has created the unique and very beautiful layers and stairs ponds in orange, yellow and red color and various sizes in its mountain downstream slope over time. The heights and the hills covered by pine forests, shrubs, bushes and valleys around the springs have created an eye-catching landscape.

On a single trip, you can enjoy the history and culture as well as the amazing natural attractions of this country. One of the less-known astonishing wonders of Iran are the terraced hot springs of Badab-e Surt, located in Mazandaran Province.

Places likes Badab e Surt around the world:

There are only six similar sites to Badab e Surt all around the world.  Pamukkale in Turkey and Yellow Stones National Park in the United States of America would probably be among the most famous sites.

Bayshivaytay in China, Bagni San Filippo in Italy, Agoura El Hierro in Mexico and The Pink Terraces, or Otukapuarangi in New Zealand are other famous attractions which share some characteristics with Badab-e Surt.

Badab-e Surt was recorded as the second Iran’s natural heritage list in 2008. It is the second largest salt spring of the world after Turkey’s Pamukkale. It is one of the most important programs of Iranian authorities to register it on UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique natural place.

Geology enthusiasts will especially fall for Badab e Surt. It is Located in the Mazandaran province. Also, the name comes from a combination of bâd, gas, âb, water, and surt, the old name of the village of Orost located 7 kilometers to the west. Although, there are a handful of similar places on earth, such as Mammoth Hot Spring in the U.S. and Pamukkale in Turkey, it is unique due to its distinctive orange hue, resulting from a concentration of iron oxide.


How to get Badab e Surt:

This palace terrace sits at 1,840 meters (6,040 feet) above sea level. It is the culmination of thousands of years of limestone deposited by water flowing from two mineral hot springs, which are thought to have medicinal properties on account of their high mineral content. As water reaches the surface, carbon dioxide degassed, depositing mineral carbonate. Because the heavier minerals settle at the top of the steps, the water becomes clearer as it flows down, turning this site into a dreamy, sky-reflecting staircase of mirrors that shifts colors depending on the time of day the sunlight glistens upon it.

Visiting Badab e Surt springs can be both interesting and sad. Today, as these wonderful springs are not protected, they are being destroyed. Tourists walk on them to take photos.

Badab e Surt:

This sedimentary rock has been created over thousands of years. Also, the water comes from 2 mineral hot springs located above. As the water flows down, the heavier minerals settle down and water becomes clearer. As a result, a mirror-like surface has been generated and each little pond reflects the color of the sky.

When you reach the terraces, you will have an amazing view of the site along with the mountains surrounding it. In addition, as it has located in a fairly off the beaten track. So, you may visit only a few visitors (and if you’re so lucky, no visitors at all!). So, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of this unguarded site.

Remember that you don’t have to pay for visiting Badab e Surt. In other words, it is free to explore it. Although, we suggest you to take care of this amazing natural attraction.  help to preserve it in its natural shape.


The best times to visit Badab e Surt:

The best time to visit there would be around April and May. During this season, the weather is perfect for visiting this part of Iran.  Further, you’ll enjoy the scenery created by lush green mountains surrounding the terraces. However, it is also possible to visit it in other seasons and because of the minerals and salt, the water never freezes, even during the coldest days of winter.

It may not be the most easily accessible site, but Bâdâb-e Surt is well worth the visit. About 370 kilometers from Tehran, two main routes from either Semnan or Mazandaran lead to this location. The Semnan route passes through Semnan city, towards Mahdishahr, Shahrmirzad, and Fulad Mahalleh before reaching Orost, the village after which the site is named. The more scenic of the two routes goes through Mazandaran and passes through Sari and the forests around Kiasar before arriving at Orost.

As mentioned above, Badab e Surt has located far from the main road.  So, you need to walk for around 30- minutes to reach it.  Also, you may need the help of a local guide. There are 2 main roads which take you to this place.

Badab e Surt:

The first road passes from Semnan, Mahdishahr, Shahrmirzad, and Fulad Mahalleh.  Before reaching Orost village (7 kilometers from the site) and the other road goes from Sari in Mazandaran Province and passes through the Kiasar Forest. Although the second road is a little bit further. So, we suggest you to take this route as it is more scenic and you’ll be impressed by the beauty of nature in this part of Iran.

Badab e Surt, Until reaching the Ororst village, the roadways are asphalt and in good condition. From the village, however, the road is not that much good and you may wish to leave the car and walk or pay the locals to get you there on their trucks. We suggest you to walk, as it is safer and besides, you will enjoy what you see on your way. Although you will soon notice that it would be undetectable to see such site around the corner as you get there!

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