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Boutique Hotels in Iran

Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about Boutique Hotels in Iran.

The hotel industry is moving forward with momentum and seems to have no creative ideas at the end. Each day a type of hotel added to the list of available hotels. And different categories interested in staying in these hotels. One of the most popular types of hotels is the boutique hotel, which has a lot of enthusiasts and is seen everywhere in the world.

Boutique hotel what kind of hotel is it?

Boutique Hotel (Boutique Hotel) is actually a hotel with a special theme; just like theme parks. So each room has different themes depending on what the overall theme of the hotel is. For example, hotels with cartoon themes, aquariums or different cultures can be noted. In other words, the two-room hatch in a boutique hotel does not have the same design.

Where did the world’s first boutique hotels come from?

These types of hotels first appeared in cities like New York, London and San Francisco in the 80’s. In fact, two of the first boutique hotels in the world in 1981, its doors open to the public, was held at the hotel Blix(Blakes) in Kensington, south London, make sure that the work of a famous designer called (Anouska Hempel) and the hotel Bedford(Bedford) in San Francisco, which is the first hotel from the set, 34 pieces boutique hotel famous (Caitie), respectively.

What are the features of boutique hotels?

Perhaps the most important difference is a boutique hotel with the hotel the ordinary can be found in the balance between the prestige of being and comfort, interior design, stylish yet space cozy and like home, he said. Meanwhile, these types of hotels focused specifically on customer service. For example, in an ordinary hotel you may have to pay for a bottle of mineral water, but the boutique of the hotel offers it to all its customers for free. That is why these hotels have more personnel and one person is not responsible for all departments. In general it is possible to describe the characteristics of a hotel boutique:

Boutique hotels are not so large: most hotel specialists consider that a hotel to be a boutique hotel should not be so large. That is, it does not have more than 100 rooms. Of course, the hotel should not be too small, for example, a hotel with less than 10 rooms can not be considered boutique hotel.

Boutique Hotel Iran , Iran Destination

Boutique Hotel Iran , Iran Destination

Boutique hotels have their own unique identity: boutique hotels have nothing less than starred hotels. Its services must be unique and complete and strive to be the best of its kind. Whether these types of hotels run independently or are a subset of a brand of hoteliers, it does not matter. Everything must be in a direction that is not dependent and has an independent identity for itself.

Iran Hotels

Boutique hotels have modern and passionate decoration: the appearance and decoration of this type of hotels is of great importance. It seems that a hotel boutique should have a modern decoration and be able to watch the passionate color dance on its face. Gorgeous artificial furniture does not have a place in the boutique of the hotel.

Location Boutique Hotels to give them credit skin: boutique hotels according to location, not so large that occupy, they can be somewhere in the center of the city to allocate. This location also gives them a kind of vitality that adapts to their spirits. In the luxurious areas of the city, however, these hotels can be seen. However, boutique hotel whether it is in an urban area or rural area, should remind you where you are.

In the boutique hotels, to food and drink, great importance is given: in many of these types of hotels, restaurants, and cafe good quality ingredients out there that can make the entire population of a city your in, they see. Even many famous chefs can taste in the boutique restaurants of hotels. The food and drink menu of these hotels is much more versatile than you think.

In the boutique hotel, the rules, hands, and by the end there is less: the good news is that this category of hotels principles and fewer restrictions compared with the normal hotel have. Most of these hotels even allow their guests to bring their pets together. The boutique atmosphere of hotels is more intimate and intimate compared to conventional hotels.

Know the best boutique hotels in Iran

Iran seems to be an ideal land for boutique hotels; hotels that offer rich Iranian history, tradition and culture. The interesting thing is that these hotels are very popular among foreign tourists and even to the eye of tourist attractions to them. Read more familiarity with the boutique hotel, only a few boutiques of the popular Iranian hotel to introduce you.

Tabriz Laleh kandovan hotel

Laleh Rocky hotel in kandovan Tabriz can be considered the first boutique hotel in Iran. This is the third largest Rocky hotel in the world, its perfect service is interwoven with cozy atmosphere and amenities such as a Jacuzzi. It is interesting to know that the water that flows from the hotel pipes comes out from the heart of the kandovan mountains and has healing properties. The hotel has 16 rooms and suites with all amenities including a Jacuzzi, minibar, restaurant and coffee shop.

Hotel Laleh bisotun Kermanshah

Laleh bistoon hotel five star Kermanshah is that, as in many other boutique hotels in Iran, magnificent traditional architecture with the convenience of modern style has combined. Around this hotel there are many natural and historical attractions, the most important of which is the inscription bistoon. All 20 rooms of this hotel equipped with modern facilities. For example, internet wifi, air conditioning, telephone and TV should be noted.

Ameriha hotel in Kashan

Hotel Saray Ameri is on the list of one of the best traditional hotels, Iran are located, other boutique hotels in Iran that can not be waived. Dating back to the oldest historic house in Kashan, now a 5-star hotel is intertwined with modern and well-equipped rooms and beautiful courtyards. In the quiet space away from the hubbub of the abode of the Ameri can be a cup of tea or coffee drank on. souvenirs, handmade Kashani buy, and to watch the light dance on the dock yard meeting.

Shiraz Forough hotel

The three star blaze hotel is located in the heart of Shiraz and has unique colored tiles, beautiful fountains, spectacular balconies and an open courtyard. Parts of the hotel is traditional in the Qajar era to the left, in the restaurant, it can be the traditional dishes of Shiraz, the end, John will visit the Museum of Forough al-Mulk went, which is right near the hotel is located.

Moshir Al-mamalik hotel in Yazd

Moshir Al-mamalik Garden Hotel in Yazd is a beautiful boutique hotel owned by the Qajar era. This hotel is a tourist attraction even for those who are not its guests. Hotel rooms to the traditional style decorated while the convenience of modern style to guests inducing provides something that obvious characteristic of this type of hotels. Colored windows, delicious cuisine, colored parrots and affable staff make life in magnificent Iranian Gardens manifest for travelers.

The World-Fame Boutique Hotels in Iran

However, there are some unique boutique hotels in Iran  in cities such as Isfahan, Yazd, and Kashan. These hotels made the tourists and visitors attracted and offer the opportunity present the cities and hotels to all over the world. You should not miss the opportunity to visit these hotel. If you are wonder how you can do it, simply contact us, we would tell you all the details.

Boutique Hotel Iran , Iran Destination

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel

Generally, after renovation, boutique hotels in Iran come into operation and also equipped with some modern  facilities. Moreover, special features of the boutique hotels may include indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and so on.  The room of such hotels are guest-friendly and offer a memorable accommodation.

Interestingly, some boutique hotels presented as museum as well. In this case, the owner display the unique items which may including benefit cultural and historical  aspects. This kind of presentation have attracted many tourists and  Iranian architecture lovers.

Iran Destination, Boutique Hotel Iran

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