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Carpet Museum of Iran

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Introducing the Carpet Museum of iran

If you want to go somewhere to see valuable and beautiful historical carpets, “Carpet Museum of iran” will definitely be one of your best choices in the world! The Carpet Museum of iran is one of the sights of Tehran. This collection was made by the order of Farah Pahlavi and was inaugurated on February 13, 1987. The purpose of establishing this museum can be considered research in the history, developments and historical quality of carpet art and industry, especially in Iran, collecting and purchasing samples of Iranian hand-woven carpets and holding temporary exhibitions of Iranian carpets and other parts of the world. The museum also includes other products such as kilims.

Persian Carpet Museum

Iranian carpet; the Art of Iran Land

Carpets in Iran

Iranian carpet is an art-industry that has long overshadowed our culture as a name and credit for Iran. Furnishing any house with Iranian carpets is an opportunity to touch the history of Iran for many years and the threads of Iranian carpets. Iranian carpets have been famous and used for a long time. The oldest known carpet in the world is the 2,500-year-old Pazyryk carpet, which was discovered in 1949 in southern Siberia and is considered to be the fabric of Iran during the Achaemenid period. It is obvious that carpet weaving existed in Iran during the Achaemenid period and in the fifth century BC, it has gone through a long period of evolution.

Carpet museum of iran

Iranian Carpet Museum

Architecture of Iran Carpet Museum

The building of the Iranian Carpet Museum has a beautiful and impressive architecture whose exterior decorations are similar to a carpet hanger. The exhibition area of ​​the museum covers an area of ​​3400 square meters, which includes two halls and is used to display a variety of hand-woven rugs and kilims. The ground floor hall is dedicated to a permanent exhibition and the upper hall is designed for temporary exhibitions of kilims and carpets.

Carpet Museum, Tehran

Works of the Iranian Carpet Museum

In the carpet museum, all kinds of kilims and hand-woven carpets are preserved according to their quality and antiquity and considering the characteristics of Iranian carpets in terms of color, design, pattern, texture and variety of carpet weaving areas. The collection of the Iranian Carpet Museum contains the most valuable examples of Iranian carpets from the ninth century AH to the contemporary period and is a rich source of research for researchers and art lovers. About 135 boards of Iranian carpet masterpieces, the texture of important centers of carpet weaving such as Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorasan, Kurdistan, etc. will be exhibited in the ground floor hall.

The Iranian Carpet Museum has two sections: a permanent museum and an exhibition. The permanent museum houses 150 exquisite and historical carpets.

Carpet museum of iran

Iranian carpets

What are the visiting hours of the Iranian Carpet Museum?

To visit the carpet museum, you can visit this museum every day, except Mondays and days of mourning, in the first half of the year from 9 am to 6 pm and in the second half of the year from 9 am to 5 pm.

How many carpet museums do we have in Iran?

Apart from the Carpet Museum in Tehran, there is another carpet museum in the city of Mashhad, but due to the originality of the type of carpet texture in Tabriz and Kashan, two carpet museums are to be built in the cities of Tabriz and Kashan.