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Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake is one of the pristine natural lakes of Iran in Qazvin province. The shines like beautiful jewelry in the mountainous region and good weather of Alamut Qazvin. The proximity of Ovan Lake to Tehran made this place a perfect place for one-day nature tours.  It annually hosts hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists.

The lake, which from the lagoons under the protection of the organization environment is in the list of national heritage and the region also has been registered in 75 kilometers northeast of the city of Qazvin, you can see see.

Where’s Lake Ovan?

Ovan Lake is located in the city and Rural District of kalaye teacher, the functions of Rudbar Alamut District of Qazvin province. The lake is located in the northern half of Alamut, on the hillside of khashchal mountain, 75 km northeast of the city of Qazvin and among the four villages of Ovan, Verin, Zavar Dasht and zarabad of Qazvin province. This lake, known as jeweled Alamut, is one of the beauties of this area, which is one of the most important sights of Qazvin along with Alamut Castle.

Ovan lake

Ovan lake access route

The route to Ovan Lake is as follows: Tehran Qazvin Highway. To the entrance to Qazvin and the so-called locals, you get to Gharib Kash Square, to your right, you see the Alamut sign. The path of Qazvin and alamout that path, spectacular, and full of Plains, hot babes, and of course, the mountainous and impassable, and full of COL, a dangerous and very beautiful to continue. From the Rajae of the plain to pass and about three hours to walk, you will reach a two-way. One way to Alamut and the other way to Lake Ovan. After eight kilometers and crossing the lush village of zarabad, the last colony that you pass, Lake Ovan is found.

Distance from Qazvin to Ovan Lake: 75 km

Introducing Ovan Lake

Ovan Lake is a beautiful and unique lake in the province of Qazvin, located among the four villages “Ovan”, “Verin”, “zvardasht” and “zarabad”. Ovan means a tub full of water and a place of water gathering. The lake has over 70 thousand square meters of area and its depth in the deepest part reaches about 6 meters. The lake does not receive water directly from its outside environment, and its only source of water is atmospheric descents and springs on the lake floor. Also, the water overflow of a small river lake that is used by farmers villages Belvedere and ritual.

Plant and animal species of  Lake

If you look at the lake from the top of the surrounding mountains, you will see Ovan enclosed in a beautiful vegetation. The fields that go up to the mountains in height, surrounding the lake, and the mountains that are firmly set in place.

Around the lake Ovan tree species such as Willow, Sycamore, Tabrizi, Apple, Cherry, Cherry, sanjj, hazelnuts and walnuts; herbaceous plants such as gon, Congress, licorice there. In addition to these other types of gramine and legominiosis families are also seen in the Evan watershed. The plants inside the lake can also  referred to as straw bin in water (phararmites australis). It submerged plants (potamageton crispus) and blue fork (ceratophylum demersum).

Ovan’s wildlife, including whole and goat, has been significantly reduced due to indiscriminate hunting and destruction of their habitat. Leopard, brown bear, fox, jackal, Wolf, boar, Sheng, lynx or wild cat, all kinds of Eagles, slab, Dalce, hawk, owl, Quebec, Cuckoo, woodpecker, sabzeba, Magpie and Sparrow, frog, turtle, crab and rock. A variety of fish, including colored Trout, carp and Pike also live in the lake.

Ovan Lake



Lake Ovan for gamers to the wild, and North birding is also one of the best places is because at the time, Couch, the birds, and in autumn the birds because the Swan, etc. Goose and duck to the place of Immigration and are a perfect chance to watch it there, pops.

Hunting sports:

fishing in Lake Ovan is prohibited, but each year the Bureau of monitoring wildlife General Directorate of environment of Qazvin. It based on the ecology of these wetlands on several occasions, permit fishing in the lake’s exports, and that in this case, (catch and release now)  done. A lot of fishermen and sports enthusiasts to fish from all over the country in this program sports – recreation company.

Ice skating:

one of the recreations you can do in this lake is the exciting exercise of ice skating. It is possible in winter due to the coolness of the air and the frost of its surface.


on Lake Ovan there are pedal boats for sailing and enjoying this refreshing recreation.


the highlands around Ovan give you the opportunity to see and enjoy the mountaineering of Ovan from the top.


the beauty and landscapes around Ovan are the best subjects for photography. If you are a photographer, do not miss the recording of Ovan’s beautiful landscapes, especially the morning fog over the lake.

Best season trips to Lake Ovan

In the spring of Lake and its nature, the beauty is twofold.   In the summer is also a fun resort for tourists. To enjoy its air-conditioned and pleasant weather, the golden time to see May to October. Due to the high altitude of the lake and the mountain range of kheshchal, the weather of the lake is very cold in winter and autumn.

Ovan Lake
Stay on Ovan Lake

If you plan to spend the night by the lake and camp, take the necessary supplies and supplies with you, because Ovan is away from the city. In autumn and winter, the temperature is very low sometimes up to 20 – degrees Celsius.  At night the temperature reaches to 12 – degrees Celsius. So if you’re going to camping around the lake, have a warm and appropriate outfit.

If you like night at the residence spent in resorts  several in the area, on the West.  In the villages near the lake, such as zarābād and  that you can Night in them.  They stay up with Bored and more time to this area of climate of Qazvin binocular.

Tips you should observe when visiting Ovan Lake

Because of the preservation of oven lake’s ecosystem, hunting prohibited in this place. So in order to preserve the wildlife and the environment of this lake, avoid these things.
Swimming in this Lake prohibited due to sediments of the lake floor and existing plants.  It consider a high risk activity for tourists.