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Lavan island

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All about Lavan island

Lavan Island in the south of Iran has a pristine and untouched nature. One of the most beautiful attractions of Hormozgan province is Lavan coral island. This island is the largest island of Hormozgan after Kish and Qeshm. It is also known for its oil and pristine beaches. Lavan Island is also known as the Hidden Pearl Island, which has long been home to pearl fishing. However, now the main occupation of the people of Lavan port is working in the oil and fishing industry. Lavan Island, with an area of ​​78 square kilometers, is now one of the most important oil export terminals in Iran. There are better accommodation facilities on Lavan Island due to the presence of oil companies. You can also travel like nature tourism.

Where is Lavan Island?

Lavan is an island with an area of ​​81 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 2,000 people. This island is the third largest island in Hormozgan province, after Qeshm and Kish. Lavan is located between the port of Maqam, the island of Shidor (Maru) and the coast of Nakhiloh in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Lavan is 117 km away from Assaluyeh port and 147 km away from Lengeh port. In the past, Lavan Island was known as Sheikh Shoaib. But in 1959, with the proposal of the National Iranian Oil Company and the approval of the Ministry of Interior, it was renamed Lavan. Lavan means the agent of dividing the water of the aqueduct. There is a limited area for tourists in Lavan, and this small area is especially popular among tourists.

Lavan island

Lavan island

Economic activity in Lavan

Pearl fishing has been the most common economic activity of the islanders for many years. But over time, pearl fishing has given way to fishing. Today, due to the huge oil resources and the activities of the National Oil Company, the island’s economy has flourished and attracted more residents. More than half of the island is owned by Lavan Oil Company and government facilities. Also, a large number of islanders have turned to the National Oil Company.

Lavan Weather and Wildlife

The pristine and untouched nature near the sea has created a wonderful view. Lavan air is hot and humid and its soil is fertile. However, due to the low average annual rainfall (50 ml), agriculture is not possible. Wildlife species in Lavan are not very diverse. But one of the most beautiful wildlife attractions on the island is the laying of green turtles from mid-March to early August on the beautiful beaches of Lavan. In Lavan nature, wild sheep and deer are seen, which are other species of wildlife in the area.

How to get to Lavan?

The best way to reach Lavan is through Moqam port. To reach Maqam port, pass through Shiraz to Parsian city through Firoozabad, Siraf port and Assaluyeh port. Then, from reaching Parsian city, you will reach the port of Moqam, 20 km away from Lavan, by crossing a one-hour distance on beautiful coastal roads between the mountains and the sea. Transport between Lavan and Moqam is by boat. It is better to go to Lavan in the morning. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this island. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

What to eat in Lavan?

After reaching the island, the best food choice is grilled fish. You can find fresh fish all over the island. You can easily find fresh fish from fishermen and enjoy cooking in nature on one of the beautiful beaches of Lavan. If you have any other food choices, you will miss a great and different experience. In Lavan there are also restaurants with a variety of South Sea dishes. Going to the restaurants of this island is another pleasant choice.

Lavan island

Grilled fish Lavan island

What is Lavan Souvenir?

Lavan Bazaar is a very diverse environment suitable for accessing southern handicrafts. In this market, like many other islands of Hormozgan, you can find a variety of wicker handicrafts, pottery, marine handicrafts and a variety of traditional southern clothing that is the handicraft of local and indigenous people in the region. In addition to traditional shops, there are large and modern shops. You can dedicate part of your trip to exploring and enjoying the market.

Lavan island

Lavan Souvenir

Where to stay in Lavan?

If you want to stay in Lavan, the amenities in Lavan are available. To stay overnight you have to go to the outskirts of the island. If you are a fan of outdoor accommodation, you can go to the coral beach or Gart beach and set up your tent. The beach is very pristine and suitable for swimming and photography. The coast of the Ministry of Oil is another option for accommodation and renting a suitable place.

Lavan sights

The coral and pristine beaches are one of the most prominent tourists features of Lavan Island. Despite the activity of Lavan Oil Company, which has caused congestion on the island and economic prosperity. There is still silence on its beautiful beaches and the outskirts of the island. After touring and staying in Lavan, going to Maru Island and exploring the hill is not without grace. Maru is located east of Lavan and is uninhabitable. To get from Lavan to Maru, you need 20 minutes by boat. If you want to stay on this island, you should bring all the necessary equipment. For an overnight stay, you should camp and spend the night in nature. Mura is a protected area with rare species of turtles. Avoiding loud noises during the turtle spawning season, keeps the area safe and prevents damage to the Maru ecosystem.

The best time to visit Lavan island

Extreme humidity and unbearable heat make travel difficult most of the year. But in the second half of the year, especially in winter, you can experience the spring air (about 20 degrees above zero) by traveling to Lavan island. If you travel to Lavan in mid-March, you may have a chance to see turtles spawning on the beautiful beaches of Lavan.