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Close to Talesh, there is a beautiful and eye-catching village, which seems to have never been touched by any human being, called Subatan. Starting from Talesh, Subatan is located northwest of Talesh. It is the land of divine blessings, a land where water, mountains, wild horses and old villages are pleasing to the eye. This village, a paradise in the heart of Gilan with its vast plains and pastures of boundless valleys with a sky full of blue clouds and towering mountains, as if all the beauties of the world are all gathered together to amaze and amaze every viewer.Our suggestion is not to miss this beautiful paradise. Our agency will provide all your facilities and services for visiting this beautiful village.


Where is Subatan?

Next to Talesh, in the lush and vast province of Gilan, there is an amazing village called Subatan. Subatan is bounded on the north by the Lisar River and on the east by the beautiful forests of Talesh. It is also connected to Lake Neur on the west side. Ardabil is also, 19 km away from Subatan. The old village of Subatan is home to Lisari families who can only live there in the spring and summer. Because the heavy snows of winter and the cold weather make life difficult in Subatan. Subatan is located at an altitude of between 1,900 and 2,500 meters above sea level, which is why cold winters and heavy snowfalls prevent life in the winter, and even in summer, traces of snow can be seen in the soaring mountains.

Residence in this village

The nomadic people of Subatan village live in wooden huts that move to the surrounding forests during the cold seasons of the year.

subatan gilan

Residence in this village

Tourist attractions of Subatan

wooden houses

When we enter to this beautiful village of Subatan, the first thing that catches the eye is the beautiful houses of Subatan, where the role of life is still rippling. The beautiful houses of Subatan are made of brown wood, which has gable roofs. The material of these woods retains heat in summer and it’s very warm inside. These cottages are made of Lisar forest woods, which is the main trunk of oak wood. The architecture and strength of the old houses are stronger and stronger than the new ones.

Lake Neor

In the west part of Subatan is lake Neur. The largest glacial glacier is Neor, a remnant of antiquity.
The meaning of the word Neur is the same as Lake, and this is the reason for proving its historical antiquity.  Fishing enthusiasts can hunt trout fish in this lake. The lake is 2,500 meters above sea level. The area of ​​the lake is about 420 hectares and the depth of the lake is three to eight meters. In five months of the year, the lake’s water freezes to a diameter of 80 cm. This lake is the largest permanent freshwater lake in the region. To get to Lake Neur from Subatan, you have to walk 20 km.

Lake Neor

Lake Neor

What plants grow in this village?


When we enter Subatan, on the terraces of the houses, yarrow delights you with its unique smell. Also known as Thousand Leaf Herbs, the people of Subatan use it to treat fever and treat hemorrhoids.

Poppy flower:

This flower grows as a car in the plains of Subatan and the people believe that the sap of this flower can be used as medicine.


Nettle is a type of plant with thorny leaves that, in contact with the hand, causes severe itching and burning.
The people of Subatan use nettle both in food and as medicine, crushing nettle and making “nettle rice” like pilaf vegetables, and seasoning with salted fish and local butter.

What foods should we eat in this village?

One of the most popular and delicious dishes that has many fans is Soja Dileh. Soja Dile is one of Subatan’s most popular local dishes. One of the most important foods of Subatan people is lamb kebab and so many other foods.

lamb kebab

lamb kebab

Best time to visit Subatan

The best time to visit this area is in the warm seasons of the year, ie spring and summer, because the village has cold and snowy winters.

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