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Hafez Tomb

Shiraz is the cultural capital of ancient Persia and Iran and has many historical and cultural attractions. Besides, Hafez Tomb is one of the attractions of the city’s famous name. Also, many tourists travel to Shiraz annually to visit it and spend happy hours in the pleasant and mystical atmosphere of this place.

Shiraz and Hafez Tomb

The city of Shiraz is often reminiscent of ancient history and valuable heritage left by Iranian culture, literature and art for Iranian people and foreign tourists. Besides, this city is the birthplace of many great figures such as Hafez. Also, it has raised many valuable historical monuments in the heart of the heart.

In addition, Hafez Tomb located in the northern regions of Shiraz and south of its Qur’an gate. Besides, the complex has an area of about 20,000 square meters and consists of different parts and parts. Also, the location generally has two north and south courtyards separated by a separate hall. Furthermore, Hafezieh 4 door designed for entry and exit.

Hafez ology

Khajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad, son of Baha’uddin Shirazi, is one of the famous Persian-speaking poets and his purity is Hafez. Also, the poet also has other titles such as Lesan al-Ghayb, Lesan al-Arfa, Tarjman al-Asrar and Nazem al-Awliya. Besides, Hafez born in Shiraz in 727/727/1928 in a middle-class family financially. Furthermore, preserved the entire Holy Qur’an and its 14 narrations as a teenager, which why he later bed named Hafez.

In addition, in 792 AH, he blindfolded the world. Besides, during his lifetime, Hafez became one of the great figures of literature in the world. Moreover, as the great poet of the 8th/19th century, translating the poet’s poems and poems into European languages. Furthermore, his name became a double reputation. Also, the poet’s reputation has gone on to encompass the world so that Hafez’s name is always tied to Persian culture and literature. So, Hafez tomb becomes a tourist attraction and perhaps a shrine for lovers of poetry and literature around the world.

Moreover, it should note that on October 12, 2012, a large ceremony held in Shiraz and in Hafez Tomb with the presence of Iranian and foreign researchers. Besides, this date named in the official calendar of Iran, Hafez commemoration day.

History of Construction

Hafez’s Tomb first built in 856 AH (1452 CE). Also, about 64 years after his death by a man named Shams al-Din Muhammad Yaghmaei. Besides, he built a gaffe-shaped mansion over Hafez’s grave and built a large pond near the building. Furthermore, the water supplied from the water of Roknabad in Shiraz.

Moreover, it should note that the builder of Hafez’s first Tomb, Shams al-Din Muhammad Yaghmaei, was the minister of Mirza Abu l-Qasim Babur, the ruler of Fars at the time. Besides, over the past few years, different people have made many changes to the structure of this building in order to become modern. Also, we will review the process of restoration and renovation of this mansion from the past.

The first reconstruction in the Safavid and Afsharieh periods

In the early 11th/11th century, after about 240 years, Hafez’s tomb rebuilt by Shah Abbas Safavi. Besides, during the Afshariyya period, Nader Shah Afshar once again refurbished the building.

Zandieh Architectural Style Buildingof Tomb

In the introduction, we noted that the architectural style of Hafez’s Tomb derived from the Islamic architectural style prevalent from the Zandian period. Besides, this is mostly due to the changes Karim Khan Zand made during his reign on Hafez’s tomb. Also, he built a shrine in the style of buildings built during the Zandieh period. Moreover, he placed a marble stone on its torbat, which already exists in Hafez’s tomb.

In addition, Karim Khan Zand built a hall at the entrance of the Hafez tomb building. Also, it consisted of four stone pillars. So, its southern side led to the tomb, its northern side to a small room and its eastern and western side to the outside area. Also, on the orders of Karim Khan Zand, a large and lush garden built in the tomb area. Furthermore, it added to the beauty and grandeur of the tomb.

Construction of Koshk on Hafez’s grave during Qajar and Pahlavi eras

After the Zandiye period, Hafez’s tomb changed again. Also, in 1235 AH, this tomb rebuilt by Abu l-Fath Mirza Muayyid al-Dawlah and in 1257 AH. Besides, it renovated by Farhad Mirza Motamed al-Dawlah, rulers of Fars time.

In addition to renovation, Farhad Mirza Motamed al-Dawlah built a wooden pavilion in the style of Qajar architecture around the tomb. Besides, 21 years later, in 1999, a man named Edershir, built another koshk over Hafez’s grave. Furthermore, later destroyed Sayyid Ali Akbar Fal-Asiri because of its constructive Zoroastrianism, Ardeshir.

Moreover, Hafez’s tomb remained in the same dilapidated way for four years until in 1280 AH. Also, the ruler of Fars, Malik Mansur Mirza along with Ali Akbar Mazin al-Dawlah, rebuilt the building. Besides, they built another iron-made koshk for the tomb and placed an inscription on it. In addition, the last time Hafez’s tomb rebuilt during the Pahlavi era was when Farajollah Bahrami, known as the Grand Secretaryin 1931. So, he built a large stone on the wall on the south side of the tomb and made many efforts for the village of Narenjestan Garden.

Construction of a new  HafezTomb in the contemporary century

In 1935, the head of Shiraz’s culture department, Colonel Ali Riazi, ordered the construction of a new building for Hafez tomb. Besides, the project to build the new building began a year later, with the efforts of Ali Asghar Hekmat and overseen by Ali Sami and also the design of a French architect and archaeologist, Andre Godard. Furthermore, the construction of this building completed by maxim Siro (French architectural expert) by modelling the architectural elements of the Zandieh era.

Minor changes in the Islamic Republic period in Hafez Tomb

After the revolution, Hafez’s tomb once refurbished. Besides, the reconstruction process switched in 2007. Also, during which the ruined parts of the surrounding buildings refurbished. Moreover, as well as the tombs and gardens around the tomb connected and a general cleanup carried out on the copper surface of the dome-shaped court.

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