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Lar plain & Lar Lake

In the vast plains of Iran, Lar plain and Lar Lake is the best place to photography from Mount Damavand,  the magnificent summit of Iran, well received by beautiful flowers and nature. In late spring, Anemone flowers of red and green tone on the plain, reflecting paradise. Let’s imagine the joy of cycling around Lar lake with its wonderful attractive nature.

Laar lake , Mount Damavand

Lar Plain & Lar lake , Mount Damavand

Lar Lake

Lar lake locates in the Alborz mountainous region and 100 km far from Amol. This lake is a great place for photography, swimming and fishing with a license; its trout is so famous and also the spoted fish which is one of the rare fishes in the world.

In June 15th, there is no possibility to pass by a personal vehicle (due to the breeding season), so if you want to enter this area, you have to walk to the lake.

Lar Lake , Fishing

Fishing , Lar Lake

Through Lar Lake to Damavand Volcano!

The creation of lar lake refers to the flow of lava forests of Damavand Volcano. The age of Mount Damavand has been determined by carbon 14 and the minimum age of Damavand is 38,500 years.

Lar Lake , Damavnad Volvano

Lar Lake , Damavnad Volvano

Lar Lake; Cycling, Swimming, water skiing & Fishing

One of the unique attractions of north Iran is Lar Lake, due to its distance to Mount Damavand and its location in the area of ​​Tehran. In recent years, it has been used as fishing centers, water sports such as water skiing and cycling around it.

Swimming in Lar lake

Swimming in Lar lake , Damavand

Lar Lake and Mount Damavand Tour by Iran Destination Tour Operator

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