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imam reza holy shrine - iran ziarat-iran religious tour-Mashhad

Iran Religious Tour

Duration: 5 Nights and 6 Days

Cities: Shiraz, Mashhad, Qom and Tehran

Highlights: Iran religious tour

Imam Reza Holy ShrineThe holy shrine of Imam Reza, the eight Shi’ite Imam and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, is in Mashhad, Iran.

Shah-e Cheraq  Holy Shrine: Shah Cheragh was one of Imam Reza’s brother, whose tomb is located in Shiraz, Iran.

Fatima Masoumeh Shrine: The shrine of Fatima Masoumeh, Imam Reza’s sister, is in Qom which is considered as the second most sacred city in Iran after Mashhad.

Shah Abdol-Azim Holy Shrine: shah Abdol Azim was a fifth descendant of Hasan Ibn Ali, the second shi’ite Imam and his tomb is in Rey, Tehran, Iran.


Iran Religious Tour is the best choice if you are interested in holy sacred highlights of Iran. Anyone who wishes to experience spiritual environments during their trip to Iran can try this tour taking 6 days to help them enjoy the great environments of Imam Reza’s holy shrine in Mashhad which is the first religious destination in Iran and also his brothers and sister tombs in Shiraz and Qom. our Iran Tour Operator helps you enjoy the most out of our Iran Package Tours when you travel to Iran. You will never forget these special pilgrimages in our Iran Religious Tours. you will also visit shah Abdol Azim shrine in Rey, Tehran. Beside these sacred monuments, you have also the chance to visit other historical places and highlights of each city, including the magnificent Persepolis and Eram garden all of which are registered in UNESCO World Heritage List.


Itinerary Days

Day 1: Shiraz (Arrival) Iran tour and travel agency Iran religious tour

Arrival, meet and greet, transfer to your hotel. In the morning we will have a city tour of Shiraz, so in the first day of this Iran Tour you will visit: Iran religious tour

·         Vakil complex

·         Vakil Mosque

·         Vakil Bath

·         Bazaar

·         The colorful Nasirolmolk mosque

·         The Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh

 Overnight Shiraz 


Shahe Cheragh- Iran Religious Tour

Shahe Cheragh

Visiting the Pink mosque during Iran Religious Tour

the Pink mosque

Day 2: Shiraz-Persepolis (60.7 KM) travel to Iran using Iran Package Tours

In the second day of your travel to Iran you will visit the following places in the morning: Iran religious tour

·         Persepolis

·         Naghsh-e Rostam

And in the afternoon:

·         Hafez and Saadi tomb

·         Jahan Nama Garden

·         Eram Garden

·         Ali Ebn Hamzeh Shrine

 Overnight Shiraz 

Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine - Iran Religious Tour


Iran Religious Tour


Day 3: Shiraz-Mashhad (140 Minutes) Iran religious tour Iran tour by Iran tour operator

Flight to the holy city of Mashhad

-Full evening visit:

·         Imam Reza’s holy shrine

 Overnight Mashhad

imam Reza-shrine-mashhad- Iran Religious Tour

Imam Reza shrine-Mashhad

Day 4: Mashhad

Full Day tour, Visiting: Iran religious tour

·         Torghabeh.

·         Shandiz area

Afternoon and evening pilgrimage to Imam Reza’s shrine

Overnight Mashhad

Iran Religious Tour

Shandiz, Mashhad, Iran 

Iran Religious Tour

Torghabeh, Mashhad, Iran

Day 5: Tehran-Qom (90 Minutes) Iran religious tour

Tehran- Qom (148 KM)

Flight to Tehran and overland transfer to the holy city of Qom, visiting:

·         Fatima Masumeh Shrine.

·         Tour of Qom

 Overnight Qom

Iran Religious tour

Masoumeh holy shrine in Qom

Iran Religious Tour

Fatima Masoumeh holy shrine in Qom

Day 6: Tehran-Departure (148 Km) Iran tour by Iran tour operator travel to Iran

Drive to Tehran, half day city tour including a tour of the following sites:

·         Holy Shrine of Shah Abodol-Azim

·         Holy Shrine of Imam Khomeini

Transfer to Tehran’s international airport.  Iran destination offers Iran Package Tours for your trip to Iran. Iran tour

shah-abdol-azim- Iran Religous Tour


Imam Khomeini shrine, Tehran, Iran religious tour

Imam Khomeini shrine, Tehran, Iran

Iran tour for travel to Iran by Iran tour and travel agency a famous Iran tour operat


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