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Persia-Lebensmittel Tour

Iran Culinary Tour |  12 Nights and 13 Days

Cities: Tabriz-Kandovan-Ardabil-Masuleh-Rasht-Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Shiraz

 Iran Culinary Tour

The vast geography of Iran holds within its borders various climates and ethnicity, causing different diets with many varied cuisines. Anyone eager about culinary tourism would be amazingly pleased with the wide menu Iran has to offer for any taste.



Upon arrival in Tabriz your guide is going to meet you in airport and transfer you to hotel. Your tour starts in Tabriz by visiting El Guli Park and Tabriz grand bazaar. Overnight Tabriz.

Exploring traditional food of Tabriz. Overnight Tabriz.

Food attractions: North-western area of Iran is home to many delicious cuisines. The most known food of Tabriz is Tabrizi Kufte. It is made from a paste of minced meat, various fragrant vegetables and split peas. Then it is shaped into a large ball filled with nuts, caramel onions and barberry (also an egg if you like).


However, these large balls then are baked in flavored tomato sauce. Another food is made with a mixture of rice, split peas, onions and vegetables wrapped around grape tree leaves.

Moreover, these bits are then baked in water. Tabriz also have many great sweets. Qarabia is one specially for occasions and expensive too. It is a mix  of sugar, flour, vanilla, eggs and lots of different nuts like pistachio.

Mirza Ghasemi , Persia-Lebensmittel Tour

Early in the morning you are going to drive to Kandovan a rocky village in the heart of mountains near Tabriz. Overnight Kandovan.

Food attractions: The mountain village of Kandovan with its cool cold climate has best nuts like walnut, almond and hazelnut. Another high quality product of this area is “dried fruits“.


Driving to Ardabil you are going to start your tour after settling in hotel. Ardabil city tour consists of visiting tomb of the great Iranian Sufi Sheikh Safi Ardabili and then Anthropology museum. Overnight Ardabil.

Food attractions: Ardabil is located in the highland parts of Iran so one of the favorite dishes of people there is different kinds of soup or as Iranians call it Ash. The best known of them is probably Dough Ash is made of chickpeas, rice, vegetables, and local Dough or yogurt drink. Sometimes it has little meatballs too.

However, another Ash which is special to Ardabil is Fruit Ash. Anyway, a heavenly mixture of various dried fruits like plum and cherry baked with meat and vegetables. For those who love meat, Ardabil offers Saj Kebab made with meat, onion, local bread, and yogurt.

Moving forward to northern forest areas of Iran you are going to visit Masuleh. However, a mountain village in the middle of jungle. Overnight Masuleh.

The next day of staying in northern Iran will be city of Ramsar . You can also visit the beautiful Javaherdeh village. Overnight Ramsar.

Food attractions: People of Iran northern cities are great chefs making magic with fish, meat or even just vegetables. Famous seafood  Malabij is cocked with local Caspian fish filled with vegetables, nuts and pomegranate sauce and then barbecued. However, another food is Mirza Qasemi, a mix of  barbecued eggplants, tomato, garlic, and eggs.

The next stop in your trip is going to be Tehran. During the city tour of Tehran you can visit Golestan palace and Grand bazaar of Tehran. Overnight Tehran.

The next day, visiting Tehran you are going to visit national museum or if possible Jewelry museum. However, at night you can have a taste of Iranian street food in Tehran street food. Overnight Tehran.

Food attractions: The modern city of Tehran has many luxury restaurants. A place where you can eat favorite everyday food of Iranians in beautiful restaurants. However, experience Tah Chin made with marinated chicken in yogurt and saffron and baked with rice. Anyway, you can also taste Iranian fast-food which might surprise you to see how different they are from what you already ate.


The tour continues to Kashan where you can visit Tabatabaie and Borojerdi houses and also Agha Bozorg mosque of Kashan.

Overnight Kashan.


After having lunch in Kashan we drive to Isfahan and upon your arrival you are going to watch sunset over historical bridges of Khaju and Si o se pol.

Overnight Isfahan.

The tour of Isfahan starts with the great Imam square and the various attractions inside including Shah and Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque and AliQa Pu. After having lunch in a traditional museum in the square you can visit Vank cathedral in the Armenian neighborhood.

Overnight Isfahan.

Food attractions: The well-known traditional food of Isfahan is for meat lovers. However, it is  Beriani and served with bread and meat stock. Isfahan also has many delightful sweets and desserts. Anyway, try Freni which is a creamy dessert and have Gaz and Pulaki beside your tea.

While driving to Shiraz you are going to visit Pasargadae, Necropoli and Persepolis en-route. In case you didn’t need a rest we can visit hafez tomb at night.

Overnight Shiraz.

The last day of Iran Culinary Tour in Shiraz includes visiting Nasir al Molk mosque and Naranjestan palace. After that the visit continues in Vakil bazaar and citadel.

Food attractions: The traditional food of Shiraz named Kalam Pulu is rice mixed with slices of flavored cabbage and little meatballs. Food lovers who like fruity tastes can try rice baked with cherry or carrot. However, Paludeh is the famous desert of Shiraz in all Iran. It is a kind of traditional ice cream. It served with local sorbets and juices like lemon juice or orange blossom extract.

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