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Hair Transplant in Iran

It is impossible that you have decided to have a hair transplant in Iran and have not thought about the cost of it in choosing the best method for hair transplantation. Also, the problem is that many clinics you contact for advice do not give you accurate and adequate information about the cost of different hair transplant procedures. Besides, these clinics usually postpone the cost of hair transplantation after an in-person visit.

In addition, don’t worry, we’ll talk about the determinants of the cost of hair transplantation in this article from Iran Destination website, and we’ll tell you how much you need to spend for each hair transplant procedure in Iran while you will have an Iran Tour.

The cost of hair transplant in Iran

Hair transplantation is the only way to treat lost hair. Also, this operation is from the department of cosmetic surgery and most insurance in the country are not committed to paying for hair transplantation. For this reason, one of the most important concerns of hair transplant applicants is its cost.

Moreover, to get the approximate price of your hair transplant, you can contact with Iran Destination via an Email or you can send a message via Telegram and WhatsApp messengers on +989170906510 and send a photo of the three areas facing, above and behind your head, to announce the approximate cost of your hair transplant after a doctor’s examination.

Hair Transplant in Iran

Hair Transplant in Iran

Determinants of the cost of hair transplantation

There are several factors that determine the cost of hair transplantation. So, below we will describe these factors in full.

Geographical region in Hair Transplant in Iran

This may not be believable to many, but where you decide where to do hair transplant services plays a role in the cost. Besides, it’s not just hair transplantation in one country compared to another. Also, even the cost of operating in one city is different from the other, and more interestingly, if you go to a clinic in a particular area a big city, the cost they tell you is different from the cost of hair transplantation in Iran in another area in the same way. So, it’s a good reason to travel to Iran and have an Iran Tour.

Why is the cost of hair transplantation cheaper in Iran than in many other countries?

A mistaken belief about the cost of hair transplant in Iran is that, in our country, hair transplantation is cheaper because of the poor quality of work. Besides, we have to say that Iran, in terms of the quality of hair transplantation, is ahead of many developed countries in the world. Also, the reason for the low price of hair transplantation services and even many other skin and hair services in Iran is the intense competition and the multiplicity of skin and beauty centers while you will have Iran Tour.

Selective Hair Transplant Clinic

If you know a doctor who works in two different beauty and skin centers with the same tools and consumables, you will find that you will be charged two different costs for the same procedure and conditions in hair transplant Iran. Also, this happens because each clinic has its own tariff. Besides, choosing a beauty clinic is effective at your final cost. In addition, we have provided hair transplant in Iran procedures with the highest quality and the most suitable price via Iran Destination Agency to satisfy our customers.

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The amount of baldness and grafts implanted

The higher the baldness, the more grafts need to be implanted on his head. Besides, on the other hand, planting more grafts requires more time, energy and consumables. Also, all of this increases the final cost of work to visit to Iran.

Hair Transplant in Iran and the Method

The most important factor in determining the cost of hair transplantation is the difference in the methods of doing the work. Besides, there is a need for a special device to perform some hair transplant in Iran procedures such as micro FIT hair transplantation. In contrast, in some methods such as FIT method, part of the process of harvesting and implanting hair follicles or all of it is done manually with the help of punch and forceps. Moreover, the use of these devices for skin and hair clinics has cost you a higher cost to economically justify using them.

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