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Iranian Wedding Ceremony

According to the history, different nations and tribes shows us a different image of marriage. Iran is such a country which is home to many tribes and cultures. Persian Wedding Customs

There are several kinds of traditions and customs among Iranian tribes but on the whole they all follow certain rules and steps. On the other hand, the customs and the details are different spot to spot in any area of Iran.

Persian Wedding Customs including Request, Bale Boroon, Hanna Bandan, Wedding Ceremony, Pagosha, honeymoon each of which we will explain in sequence.

Persian Wedding Customs

Persian Wedding Customs

Requesting is the first process of wedding ceremony

The day of requesting is a chance to talk for a girl and boy for a while and get to know each other’s mood better. At this meeting, a few women go to the bride’s house to see her closely. Persian Wedding Customs

After drinking tea, if the groom’s family liked the lady, they would start the conversation and ask about their marriage customs. Otherwise, after a little talk, they leave the party.


Bale Boroon

However, in this ceremony, the elders of the family gather together and make a friendly discussion and the final talks are held for the wedding and the conditions of the marriage.
At the ceremony, the groom brings presents to the bride. Anyway, in most cities, a sack of cloth, a ring and sometimes a stick of sugar are presented to the bride. Persian Wedding Customs

Baleboroon , Persian Wedding Customs

Baleboroon , Persian Wedding Customs

Marriage Ceremony

The marriage ceremony will implement gloriously in Iran. In some cities, after the girlfriend answers yes to the boy, the sermon is called to marry and they are engaged for as long as they go to their own home. Then, they invite all their relatives and their friends for the Wedding Party. Persian Wedding Customs


Hanna Bandan celebration

Hanna Bandan celebration is a party that is actually a bride’s farewell ceremony, and at the night before wedding ceremony it will be held. At the ceremony, which takes place in the maternity ward of the bride, young ladies take the bride to the bathroom and make her look.  Persian Wedding Customs

At the end, they also put  Hanna on the groom and bride’s hands. Guests are also advised to use this henna to conceal their own hands if they are interested in Hanna Bandan.


 Persian Wedding Ceremony 

Persian Wedding Ceremony is the main day of wedding ceremony. Guests are invited to the house of the bride’s father to receive them. The bride’s father prays for a good life for the couple and dismiss them from below the Quran.

Guests are also invited to dinner. At the end of the night, the bride and groom, along with a few young people, will go home and begin their life.



Pagosha ceremony is held immediately the day after the wedding ceremony. The ceremony usually involves the first-degree family members of the bride and groom. And the guests will give their gifts to them.

Pagosha , Persian Wedding Customs

Pagosha , Persian Wedding Customs

Persian Honeymoon

Honeymoon is a ceremony in which the young couple travel together. The purpose of the honeymoon is to make the bride and groom accustom more to their moods and to know each other more.

The name of the honeymoon has survived from an old legend. About four thousand years ago in Babylon, the bride’s fathers had a drink for their groom made by honey. Hence, the first month of marriage is called Honeymoon.

Honeymoon , Persian Wedding Customs

Honeymoon , Persian Wedding Customs

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