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Persian phrases

What Are the Important Farsi Words You Need for Your Trip to Iran?

If you have planned to travel to Iran, you’d better learn some essential useful Persian phrases. Actually, you might find someone knowing a bit of English in any place in Iran main cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, but if you want to take a taxi or buy something in the bazaars, you may need to know some words and also Persian numbers. But beside these situations, Iranian people are so friendly to foreign visitors and they’ll be so glad to see you saying some Persian phrases.

They may not only enjoy talking to you, but also they will teach you some more Persian words and help you have perfect Persian pronunciation. So, if you like to get more familiar with Persian culture, you may want to talk to people and learn how they live or think. So, better to know some Persian phrases, yeah? Here, in this article written by Iran Destination, you can find a list of important Persian phrases which you hear a lot in Iran and you will need to survive in Iran.

Persian phrases: Do you know about Persian language’s rules

In fact, Persian language is an Indo-European language the alphabet of which is a bit similar to Arabic. But it is completely a different language, having its own rules and some extra alphabets. It is written from left to right. The numbers are also written from left to right. It’s a good idea to know Persian numbers as well to be able to read price tags and food prices in menus. Let’s see what is essential to learn for a trip to Iran.

Persian phrases: Greetings in Iran

Learn Essential Persian phrases

Learn Essential Persian phrases

Hello  __  Salaam

You will see lots of Iranians saying hi or salaam to you when you walk in the streets or visit the sites. So this is the most common word for you in Iran.

How are you? __  Chetori? Khoubi?

Actually pronouncing the sound /kh/ is a bit difficult for English speaking people, as it does not appear in this language. But you can practice it and you will learn it so soon.

Nice to meet you __ Khosh bakhtam

Khosh bakhtam literally means I have a good fate to meet you and it is my pleasure. So it is a good phrase for greetings. In other word, it is necessary to learn it because all Iranian after say hello to you, also, say Khosh Bakhtam.

Thank you __ Merci / Mamnoun / Sepas

There are a couple of ways to say Thank You in Persian. Sometimes they are even used in combination with each other. For example, you can say: Merci, Mamnoun, Or “Kheyli Mamnoun” which means very thanks. Sepaas is an authentic Persian word while the other two are borrowed from other languages.

You’re welcome __ Khaahesh mikonam

In response to Thank You, you may say Khaahesh mikonam, again beginning with a /Kh/ sound. This is also used to answer Iranian taarof, like when you want to pay for something and you will hear “Qaabel nadaare” (meaning you don’t need to pay), you can simply say Khahesh mikonan to let him know that you’ve noticed their taarof.

I’m from ……  __  Man Ahl-e …….. hastam

Be sure, the first thing Iranians ask you if they want to communicate with you, is: “where are you from”. To answer this you can say “Man ahl-e X hastam” and putting your country instead of X.

Essential Persian phrases

Persian phrases

Yes / No  __ Baleh / Na

These are really the most useful words in any language, and they are also so simple. So they may be the first thing you learn.

Excuse me __ bebakhshid

you can use this phrase when you want to get someone’s attention or when you really did something accidentally and you like to apologize, just like when you bump into someone accidentally.

Good Morning / Good night  __  Sobh be kheyr / Shab be kheyr

These are one of other useful phrases for more communication.

Here you are __ Befarmaayid (be – far –maa- yid)

When you want to give something to someone, and mostly when you want to hand someone money, you will need this phrase. It is also used when someone offers you something or directs you or asks you to enter a place first.

Goodbye __ Khodaa Haafez

Khodaa Haafez literally means may God protects you (you may also hear it as “Khodafez”). also, you can use Khoda-Negahdar too.


Persian phrases: Persian Phrases for Shopping

Actually everything in Iran is cheap for foreign visitors, but still you have to be careful to buy high quality products with the proper prices. So you may need some phrases regarding discounts and prices.

Vakil Bazaar- Price tags - Learn Essential Persian phrases

Vakil Bazaar- Price tags -Persian phrases

How much does it cost? __ In Chandeh / Chandeh?

Chandeh simply means “how much is it”, so a simple word to remember for asking a sentence.

It is Expensive __ Gerouneh

Geroun in Persian means expensive and “gerouneh” means it’s expensive. But, Do not use it every where for all shopping. 🙂

Give me some discount  __ Takhfif bedein / Takhfif

To clarify, Takhfif literally means discount. So in order not to say a complete sentence, you can simply say the word discount in Persian and the salesman will get what you mean.


Persian phrases: Persian Phrases in a Restaurant

Essential Persian words in restaurants

Persian phrases in restaurants

I’m a Vegetarian __ Man Giaah Khaaram

You cannot see many vegetarians in Iran, but it is growing more and more these days. That is to say, Iranian cuisine is mostly meat-based. So, don’t be shocked if everyone thinks you are strange when you don’t eat Iranian national dish, Chelo Kebab.

Bon appétit!  __ Nooshe Jaan

Above all, You may hear this phrase so often when you are in company with a group of friends in Iran and also the cooks in a restaurant will friendly say this phrase to you both before the meal and after that.


Persian phrases: Finding an Address in Iran

finding an address in Iran - Essential Persian phrases

finding an address in Iran – Essential Persian phrases

Be sure you will always have an aid when you face a problem in Iran, because Iranians are so hospitable and friendly. You may also encounter someone leaving their own job and accompanying you to help you find an address.

Where is ……..?  ___  ………… kojast?

How can I get to ………?  ___ Chetor beram ………..?

I’m Lost. __ Man gom shodam

Street __ Khaiabaan (Zand Street: Khiabaan Zand)

Alley __ Koocheh


Persian phrases: Asking for Help in Iran

emergency call- Persian phrases

emergency call- Persian phrases

Most importantly, Iran is really safe for traveling, although there are such negative advertisements against travelling to Iran. No special problem and danger has been reported till now and all those who travel to Iran feel good about it. But still, we provide you with some emergency call numbers, so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Police: 110

Ambulance: 115

Fire Fighting : 125

Persian phrases:  The 5 WH in Persian:

What __ Chi

Why __ Cheraa

When __ Kei / Kay 

Who__ Ki

Where __ Koja

Persian phrases: Time in Iran

Certainly, Fridays are the days off in Iran.so Thursday and Friday are considered as the weekend in Iran. on Thursday, offices and banks are just open till noon and during Fridays, they are all closed. But sites are open for visit. In addition, Here are the days of a week in Persian. these words are made by adding the numbers to the word showing the first day, that is Shanbeh. So Saturday is considered as the first day of week in Iran.

Saturday __ Shanbeh

Sunday __ Yek Shanbeh

Monday __ Do Shanbeh

Tuesday __ Seh Shanbeh

Wednesday __ Chahar Shanbeh

Thursday __ Panj Shanbeh

Friday __ Jomeh

Persian phrases: Persian Numbers

moreover, You’d better memorize Iranian numbers or write them down on your notebook and have it with you. Therefore, you’ll feel more confident when you go shopping or you order food in a Persian restaurant.

One: Yek / Two: Do /Three: Seh /Four: Chaahaar/ Five: Paanj / Six: Shesh /Seven: Haft / Eight: Hasht/ Nine: Noh/ Ten: Dah / A Thousand: Hezar

Persian phrases - Persian numbers

Persian numbers

Persian phrases: Colors in Persian

while you are shopping or trying to talk to a Persian, you may need colors’ name in Persian. Here you are, for instance:

White __ Sefid

Black __ Siah

Green __ Sabz

Blue __ Abi

Yellow __ Zard

Red __ Qermez

Purple __ Banafsh

Pink __ Sourati

Brown __ Qahvei


Persian phrases: And Here are some other useful words for example:

Water : Ab

Mineral water: Ab-madani

Bus: oto-boos

Metro : metro

Station: Istgah

Bathroom / Toilet : Dast shooyi

Man / Gentleman : Aghaa

Lady / Woman : Khanoum

Kid : bacheh 

Please: Lotfan

Help! : Komak

consequently, Iran Destination, Iran tour operator, provides you with any information you need before your trip to Iran. You can contact our friendly team members and ask any questions you like. Also, you can review our Iran Tour page and choose one for your trip to Iran. In case, you don’t like any, you can customize a tour through Iran Tailor Made Tours. as a result, You will for sure have a great experience visiting Iran.

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