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Persian New Year Tradition

Amu Nowruz; Persian New Year Tradition

According to the Persian New Year Traditions, Nowruz is considered the beginning of life, the beginning of any significant phenomenon. Iranians celebrate every beginnings, and Nowruz is the greatest beginning and the greatest celebration, the most customary traditions and eternal ceremonies.

Amu Nowruz

Amu Nowruz , Persian New Year Tradition

Persian New Year

The beginning of the magnificent New Year celebrations dates back to the reign of Jamshid Shah. It is said that he played a great role in the reign of Iran in the rebuilding of Iran and the relief of the people from the invasion of foreigners.

Although, there are lots of legend stories about Amu Nowruz and Haji Firuz, the Persian New Year Traditions, among Iranians and the related lands with the same historical roots.

Amu Nowruz , Iranian New Year Festivals

Amu Nowruz; Persian New Year Tradition

The Tradition of Amu Nowruz and Haji Firuz

The character and background of Amu Nowruz and Haji Firuz, as a messenger of Nowruz, are equal in age and even more to the culture and civilization of Iran. The origins of this cultural phenomenon can be traced back to the beliefs of Iranian in ancient ages.

According to Iranian traditions, Amu Nowruz appears every year at the start of Spring along with his companion Haji Firuz.

Amu Nowruz , Iranian New Year Festivals

Amu Nowruz , Haji Firuz , Iranian Myths

Persian Traditions with Iran Destination

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