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Boeing in Iran

Introducing Iranian Airlines

In general, travel by plane is different from other types of travel by different vehicles. Also, it is the biggest and best definition of the aircraft itself if you sit in a vehicle that flies in the sky and delivers you to your destination much earlier than other means of transportation. Currently, all other countries in the world are benefiting from the aviation fleet. Besides, some countries use the best and newest planes, and some use more modest models of airliners. Now what model do you think Iran is using in its passenger fleet? Today, we want to introduce Iranian passenger planes such as Boeing in all their details, so stay with us.

In addition, Boeing Airlines is one of the companies that should be considered a fully multinational company regardless of the location of its headquarters. Also, in introducing Iranian passenger planes, we will introduce planes built by the airline. Moreover, in 2011, the big old aircraft company, a tough competitor to Airbus Aircraft, also named the world’s second-largest defense equipment manufacturer.

However, the company currently has five specific areas of work in the field of its products, among which commercial aircraft manufacturing has been at the top of the list. In the following, we would like to introduce Boeing company-made aircraft that are in Iran to join the air fleet.


Different types of Boeing 737 | Boeing 737

The first Boeing aircraft we would like to introduce to you in the introduction of Iranian passenger planes is the Boeing 737. Besides, the Boeing 737 called the Boeing 737, and its construction began in 1964 on the Boeing production line. In addition, as for this model, we have to say that since it is very popular, 5,000 or more of this model have been produced so far.

Moreover, the aircraft has a passenger capacity of up to 149 people, a capacity of more than 189. Also, nearly 285 airlines currently use the aircraft. Besides, one of the technical characteristics of the aircraft is that it has two turbofan engines under its wings and speeds of up to 890 kph. Currently, in Iran, oil airlines, Caspian, Ata Air and Aseman use this single-aisle aircraft in their fleet, and airlines such as Sepehran are obtaining permission to use the aircraft.

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Boeing 727 | Boeing 727

Another Boeing aircraft manufactured by Boeing Aircraft Company flying in Iran is the Boeing 727. Also, it is a very large passenger jet built by Boeing Aircraft Company in 1963. Besides, it has a narrow fuselage, 3 engines and a medium size. Also, the model manufactured by Boeing in 1984, while more than a thousand of them were produced.

In addition, among the honors that this Boeing model achieved globally was that the landing plane does not require a large runway and is suitable for small airports, which is why it is mostly used for regional and domestic flights. The maximum speed is 965 km/h.


Boeing 757 | Boeing 757

Another Boeing-made product that we should mention in introducing Iran’s passenger planes is the Boeing 757. Also, the aircraft has a thin corpus and is a series of 2-engine aircraft. Besides, the design of the aircraft began in 1981 and its construction began in 1982.

In addition, the Boeing model also uses two turbofan engines under its wings. Besides, the speed of the aircraft is 912 km/h and its passenger capacity is 289 passengers. Also, construction continued until 2004, after which the production line expired. Furthermore, Taban Airlines currently operates passenger flights with this aircraft.


Boeing 747 | Boeing 747

Another aircraft that we will introduce to you in the introduction of Iranian passenger planes and from the Boeing family is the Boeing 747, which is both a four-engine and a family of jumbo jets. Besides, it should be the second largest aircraft in the world after the Airbus A380. Also, the capacity to move the aircraft is equal to a maximum of 550 people, which is very large of its kind. Moreover, it can fly up to 14,800 kilometers in just one turn. Furthermore, Iran Air has the aircraft in its airplane. It also has two aircraft in the Boeing 747-300 category of Mahan Air.


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