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Kerman, Sasanian Empire, Ganj Ali Khan, Shazdeh Garden, Bam Citadel Kerman tourism

Kerman tourism

Location of Kerman in Iran

Kerman is located in the south-central part of Iran at the margin of Kavir e Lut and also located along Saheb Al Zaman Mountains and is surrounded by it. Kerman is 1,755 m (5,758 ft) above sea level and the winters are cold in Kerman.

Iran kerman google map


kerman google map


History of Kerman:

Kerman was founded by Sasanian Empire, with the name Veh-Ardashir, by Ardashir I.  Kerman remained independent under the rule of Saljuq Turks in 11th and 12th centuries. In Safavid Dynasty, Kerman expanded rapidly and Carpets and rugs were exported to England and Germany. There is a southwest Iranian language (Persian in the mountainous north and Garmsiri in the lowland south) in Kerman. Zoroastrianism was once the state religion of the later Achaemenid (550-330 BCE) and Sasanian empires in Kerman but because of strong stream of conversion from Zoroastrian to Islam, the main religious changed to Islam.


Historical sites of Kerman:

1) Ganj Ali Khan Bazar: in southern part of Ganjali Square, there is a bazaar and decorated with exquisite Plasterwork and painting on the wall.

2) Ganj Ali khan Square: Near governorship there is a square of the cities and it is a place for gatherings and ceremonies.

3) Ganj Ali Khan Bath:  It is located on the southern side of Ganjali Square, and in the Safavid area the entrance of the building is painted.

4) Ganj Ali khan Caravanserai & mosque: this caravansaraei has a plan with Four-Iwan typology and also with double-story halls centered on tall iwans enveloping four sides of an open courtyard.

5) Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO): this garden was built by Mohammad Hasan Khan Qajar Sardari Iravani and it registered to UNESCO site.

6) Bam Citadel (UNESCO): Bam Citadel is the largest building in the world which is registered to UNESCO world heritage.

7) Rayen Citadel: Rayen citadel is located about 100 km from south of Kerman and surrounded by the mountains.


Nature site of Kerman:

1) Shahdad Desert (UNESCO): about 30 km from east, it is located Dasht-e Lut and overlooks a plain called Tekab that makes up the main part of Khabis.

Religious Site of Kerman:

1) Shah Nematolah e Vali mausoleum: Shah Nur-eddin Nematollah Vali was a poet, sage, Sufi and founder of an order of dervishes.

Social sites of Kerman:

Bid Khan Village is a beautiful village near Kerman and Also Boustan e Enghelab Kerman, Danesh Park, forest Park, Aboozar Park and Madar Park.

Kerman Traditional Foods: Kerman tourism

Kerman has a lot of delicious Traditional foods such as Zire polo which includes Zire (cumin), Boiling oil and Boz Qormeh, Also you can find a famous cookie in Kerman, and its name is Kolombeh. Kerman tourism


Kerman Hotels and Restaurants:

There are some nice hotels in Kerman such as Persian hotel, Akhavan Hotel, Tourism Hotel also Aspakho restaurant, Vakil Traditional Restaurant, Max Restaurant and Paliz Restaurant. Kerman tourism

Kerman tourism

Kerman Souvenir:

Pistachio, Qavoot and Kolompe is the souvenir of Kerman. Kerman tourism


Trip Advise in all seasons:

It is better to visit this beautiful city at the end of SEP and in OCT, because you can observe the most beautiful colors of trees and nature and the weather is cool because of autumn. Also at spring is a good time for having fun in Desert and Kaloots. Kerman tourism


Transfer and transportation: Kerman tourism

Mahan Air as an international company was established, and has its headquarters, in Kerman. It has an international airport for domestic flight too. Kerman tourism

For internal transfer you can use Taxi. Kerman tourism

 Kerman tourism

Emergency phone:

Ambulance 115

Directory inquiries 118

Fire Brigade 125

Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)

Fire & Rescue 125

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