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Meymand, Kerman Province, Iran

About Meymand village

In the village of Meymand, more than 2,500 houses of the cave have been planted by Meymandian in the heart of the mountain and thousands of years ago have been the place where these people live. Cave Hotel is a unique attraction registered in UNESCO world heritage list.


Meymand, Kerman Province, Iran

Facilities and services:

Be sure to read the following about cave hotel before making your reservation

In the village of Meymand, on the left, at the beginning of the village entrance, after crossing the bridge, several houses have been beautifully equipped, which has been serving as the traditional guesthouse for guests and travelers since about 15 years ago. these are known as cave hotel. These rooms of the cave hotel are equipped with their unique historical and architectural structure, which reflects the true conditions of the past lives in Meymand, and little physical changes have been made to protect them from the historical context of these rooms. Interior fittings are designed and installed in a completely traditional and ancient style, for example, a hanger made of wood and some rooms have single beds with wooden trees and are installed alongside the walls of the rooms. The floors of the rooms are covered with wool in the village itself. In the rooms there are mattresses and pillows, sheets, blankets and pillows for sleeping separately along the walls. The rooms in the cave hotel also have electric heating, electric heating and mini-bar. As mentioned, the rooms at the Meymand Guesthouse are equipped with a flat-bed and traditional Iranian décor (mattresses, blankets and blankets for sleeping on the ground). In connection with the sanitary and hot water baths, it should be noted that since there was no room for bathrooms and rooms in the past, and in the other hand, it was not possible to build bathroom and toilet facilities in the rooms in order to maintain the historic and real structure of the rooms. Therefore, for the guesthouse, a specially designed toilets designed for guests of the guest house are located approximately 20 meters from the guest house along the Meymand River. The following illustrates the shape and structure of the guest rooms in The heart is mountain; you can see that the rooms are stairs from the foot of the mountain to two three floors
Considering the above, it should be noted that these rooms are special for people who want to experience the past and the pastoral life of Meymand, and this is a special feature that attracts many foreign and domestic tourists to the village and is interested in spending the night in this house. Handmade traditional and away from the life of the modern and urban world and luxury hotel services and the unique experience of a village in our prehistoric history.

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  • distance Meymand to Tehran 930 km
  • Distance Meymand to Kerman 220 km
  • Distance Meymand to Yazd is 270 Km
  • Distance Meymand To Shiraz 340 Km
  • Distance Meymand to Isfahan 530 km
  • Distance Meymand to Bandar Abbas 420 km
  • Distance Meymand to Sirjan 110 km
  • distance Meymand to Anar 125 km
  • Distance Meymand to Rafsanjan 110 km

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Cave Hotel , Meymand Kerman, Iran

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