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Traditional Hotel
4 star
Isfahan Province, Kashan, Fazel Naraqi Street, Iran

About Saraye Darbe Bagh

A historic house of some hundred years Saraye Darbe Bagh is situated in the Kashan old district. It was recently restored to its original majesty and converted into a boutique residential hotel now known as Darbe bagh hotel. A very traditional breakfast is offered every day with potential for guests to reserve lunches or dinners all of which are prepared in traditional Kashan cuisine.

Darbe Bagh guesthouse is the result of nearly two years of painstaking love and care of many artisan Kashan restoration expert. It was built approximately a hundred years ago as residence for Haj Agha Doroodgar. After his death the house fell in disuse for over twelve years during the course of which it suffered extensively. When we bought it there was probably no more than one year of life left in it. Our aim and mission was to restore it as closely as possible to its original form and structure. We believe we have been true to our mission of bringing back to life this National Heritage of ours. Under the guiding and expert supervision of Memar Helli and daily super human efforts of his son Eng. Javad Helli and guidance of our patron Mrs. Zarrabi we have brought back to life yet another one of our national heritage. We dearly love this home; the individual hand designed and hand made tiles in the bathrooms, over nine month of painstaking plaster work, the rooms and yard brick surface and extensive search for room lights and so on, represent the exhuastive work of many workmen. We hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate this small example of our beloved Iranian Heritage. Please let us know how we can improve our services.


Kashan – Fazel Naraghi st. Farhang 31 Alley Darbe Bagh residence

Facilities and services:

Breakfast is served every morning from 7.30 to 10.30. Lunch and dinner can be served if reserved ahead of times.Tours with experienced guides can be organized to visit historic sites in Kashan . Day trips are also available for historic sites in places such as Nooshabad, Zavareh, Natanz, Abyaneh, and Ardestan or the desrts of Maranjab

Type and Number of rooms:

5 rooms

There are five bedrooms in Saraye Darbe Bagh hotel. Rooms are very individually and uniquely decorated. All room have en suite bathrooms, with internet and intercom access. Three rooms are decorated with single beds , one interconnecting room has four twin beds and the suite in the sardab is decorated with four single beds and a large sitting room.


Distance to airport :30 minutes

Distance to train station : 20 minutes

Distance to the bus station : 15 minutes

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Policies of Darbe bagh hotel , Kashan

• Cash and valid bank cards of Iran.
• Pets are not allowed.

Amenities of Darbe bagh hotel , Kashan

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Darbe bagh hotel

Darbe bagh hotel , Kashan Kashan, Iran

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