Church of Holy Simeon , Shiraz

5 Religions in the Religious alley in Shiraz!

Shiraz; the center of all religions!   Shiraz as the cultural capital of Iran is home to ancient civilizations, cultures, religions and great Persian poets. cc owed a holy book. Nobahar alley which is located in Zand Street in Shiraz known also as Ariana Cinema Alley is the only alley home to 5 religions close […]

Nasirol Mosque, one of the best photography spots in Iran

Pink Mosque Shiraz

 Pink Mosque Shiraz Pink mosque Shiraz is one of the most pleasant sights. It is one of the best cites which we consider in our Iran tours for Iran tourism. This monument is one of the masterpieces of architecture, Because the glass color that decorate the building. Also, They have come to during the day […]

A Mysterious Cave in Iran: The Kingdom of Shapour

A Story of a Mysterious Cave in Iran The Kingdom of Shapour Iran , a country with remarkable varieties, hosts many tourists around the world. However, not all the tourists are familiar with the amazing unknown hot-spots in Iran. In this article, Iran Destination intents to introduce one of the mysterious caves in Iran and […]

Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

Necropolis: A Journey to the “City of Dead” in Iran

A Journey through Necropolis: The City of Dead Iran undoubtedly is home to one of the oldest ancient civilizations in the world. For centuries, the country is a evidence one of the world’s most powerful empires in the world. However, Iran has survived many wars, conflicts, and confrontations through its history. In following, we take […]


Bishapoor, Kazeroon

Bishapoor Bishapoor is one of the ancient cities of Iran in the central part of Kazerun and in Fars province. Also, Bishapoor which built during the Sassanid era and today its ruins remain, and in 2018/06/30, it finalized at the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Bahrain Summit. Furthermore, Bishapoor is one of the oldest […]

Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine - Iran Religious Tour

Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine, Shiraz

Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine:  Built in the 19th century over the tomb of Amir Ali, a nephew of Shah e Cheragh who also died here while en route to Khorasan to help Imam Reza, this shrine is the latest of several earlier incarnations destroyed by earthquakes. Highlights […]

Khan school

Khan School

Khan School of Shiraz Khan School is placed in Shiraz. This school was constructed by Allah Verdi Khan and his son in the Shah Abbas period. This monument, which used to be a theological school, has been restored several times. Madrese e-khan is located in downtown of Shiraz. The building is full of balance, Islamic […]

Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz's Shopping center - Iran Destination

Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz’s Shopping center – Iran Destination

Vakil Bazaar Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, which is located in the historical center of the city. It seems that when Karim Khan Zand to them, to the city of Lar was gone.  And see the market, Kayseri city Laar decided a market similar to it, in Shiraz, according the local […]

Persepolis in discover iran tour


Persepolis Persepolis is one of the most important monuments and Iran tourism, which many people enthusiastically go a long way to see the glory of Iran’s history closely and have a wonderful Iran tours. To see this great work, you must go to the center of Fars Province, 10 km north of Marvdasht and 57 […]

Hafez Tomb

Hafez Tomb in Shiraz

Hafez Tomb Shiraz is the cultural capital of ancient Persia and Iran and has many historical and cultural attractions. Besides, Hafez Tomb is one of the attractions of the city’s famous name. Also, many tourists travel to Shiraz annually to visit it and spend happy hours in the pleasant and mystical atmosphere of this place. […]