Persian food- chelo Kebab

Iran Culinary Tour

Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about one of our best selling tour,  Iran Culinary Tour.  The vast geography of Iran holds within its borders various climates and ethnicity, […]

Stone Dizi , Iran Destination

What is Stone Dizi

What is Stone Dizi? Beef, brine or daisy are some of our favorite Iranian dishes. Food that brings together all the family members. In some areas it is also called Pitti. Stone Dizi is one of those foods that should be eaten on Fridays and on holidays. After eating, he sat by the side and […]

Dolmeh; a delicious traditional food in Iran

Dolmasi; delicious traditional food in Iran

Dolmasi; delicious traditional food in Iran Iran as a great country and old civilization attracts every year thousands of visitors. Among the the wide variety of ran attractions, Iranian traditional foods have a noticeable place. This article aims to introduce you one of the most delicious traditional foods of Iran, Dolmasi. Dolmasi with Different Tastes  […]

Iran Olive , Rudbar

Is Iran a Major Producer of Olive?

Is Iran a Major Producer of Olive?   Iran as a major producer of olive is ranked by the International Olive Council as 14th in the world in terms of area under olive cultivation which is about 84,000 hectares and 17th in terms of production. Historical Roots of Olive in Iran! Iran has several geographical […]

Iran' Honey , Zagros Mountain

The Secret of favorable Honey of Iran!

 Iran’ Honey There are several facts and reasons about Iran’ Honey that why it is one of the bests. Actually for many people from all around the world there is a question that why Iran’ Honey is one of the best five-high quality honeys in the world. Herbal Source of Iran Iran is such country that […]

Sohan- Persian Dessert from Qom

Persian dessert

Persian dessert Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to talk about Persian dessert. Travel to iran to get to know about it Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and […]

Rasht, creative city of gastronomy - food in Rasht

Food in Rasht, Creative City of Gastronomy (UNESCO)

Rasht City of Food  Actually, north of Iran is so rich in culture and nature. One of the amazing Must-See cities in this northern part is Rasht. Aside from its nature, this Iran City is well-known for its food. It’s so famous that UNESCO registered it as creative city of gastronomy. Here, Iran Destination, a […]

Feta Cheese for Persian Breakfast

Persian Breakfast

What to Eat in Iran as a Breakfast? You may have heard that Iranians eat breakfast like champions. There are so many amazing options for eating a Persian breakfast. Here Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agent, is going to provide you with a full guide on Iranian breakfasts. If you travel to Iran someday, make sure […]

koko-Persian Vegetarian Food

Persian Vegetarian Food

What to eat in Iran as a Vegetarian? Are you a vegetarian wishing to travel to Iran? You may think you have no choice to eat as a vegetarian in Iran, as Persian Food is usually famous for including meat. But this does not mean that vegetarians have nothing to eat in Iran. Here this […]

Polo in Iran

Polo in Iran (UNESCO), Dating Back to Ancient Times

Polo Game (Chogan), Dating Back to Ancient Persia Chogan Game, called Polo, is a kind of game playing on horsebacks with long sticks and a ball. You may have all seen this game, or even you may have played it. It will be interesting to know that the game dates back to ancient Persia. Here, […]